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Mum Sunaina Verma Shares Some Interesting Parenting Hacks

Mum Sunaina Verma Shares Some Interesting Parenting Hacks

27 Jun 2022 | 4 min Read

Sayani Basu

Author | 625 Articles

The best kind of parent one can be is to lead by example. Mum to an adorable daughter Varnika Verma, and an Insider Club member of BabyChakra, Sunaina Verma shares her views and says how life has changed after becoming a mum.

She shares some interesting parenting hacks in a candid interview with BabyChakra.

Sunaina Verma loves to put creative ideas into play and loves blogging.

Tell us something about yourself.

I was an interior designer. After having my baby, I took a break from my work and that was indeed a turning point.

Today, people know me as a lifestyle mum blogger. During the break, I realised my love for creating content. Hence, I picked up blogging out of that love for putting innovative ideas into play.

I really love my work as a blogger and it makes me happy because it gives me the freedom to create my own content with my daughter.

After giving birth, personal choices take a back seat, so how did you prioritise things?

Yeah right! Personal choices get neglected after having a baby as the little one takes over your life and your baby becomes the pivotal centre.

However, I think that every mum needs some “me-time” to make life better. This me-time is so much needed for our mental health.

For me, it’s blogging or just chilling when my baby is probably taking a nap. I also thank my family for being super supportive and that has made the journey easier for me.

Are you a coffee person? If yes, how did you manage to limit caffeine intake during your pregnancy?

I am not a coffee-lover. Hence, I did not face any difficulty during pregnancy. Rather, I am head over heels for milkshakes.

I know that it’s really a difficult thing for women who are coffee maniacs to resist caffeine during pregnancy. I have seen some of my friends having a difficult time dealing with it.

Was it difficult for you to balance work after giving birth?

Honestly speaking, yes it was a bit difficult for me to strike the balance. Since my daughter was my priority, I took a break and chose to be a homemaker.

Later, I started blogging and now I am all into it, making the most of my life.

Sunaina’s priority is her adorable daughter, Varnika.

What does it mean to you to be BabyChakra’s Insider Club mum?

It is a great opportunity to be a part of the BabyChakra family. I still remember when I started blogging, I did one project with BabyChakra and became a part of the Insider Club.

The best thing about them is that they let you share your feedback for a particular product. The fact that I am actually helping them co-create a product for babies makes me feel honoured.

All the mums get to share their stories and experiences of motherhood with the team. No wonder, this is my favourite mum’s group.

What according to you makes BabyChakra the one-stop destination for your baby’s personal care products?

BabyChakra has been formulating products with organic ingredients. They have left out all the nasties that can harm the little one’s super-sensitive skin.

This makes BabyChakra the one-stop destination for my baby’s personal care products.

Will you like to share any feedback on the BBC products?

BabyChakra’s products are the perfect solution for those tender skin. All their products are amazing.

As a new parent, what have you learnt?

Parenting today is quite different from what it was last ten years ago. Today’s kids should be given the freedom to share their opinions and have to be given choices.

Modern age parenting has become challenging with modern-age problems like various health issues from obesity, viral infections, low attention spans to kids having easy access to gadgets and the internet and more competion etc.

Yes, parents today have a tougher job but if handled well it’s all manageable. To be able to handle all these, mums first need to pay attention to their own health as well, so that they can take care of their little ones.

Sunaina Verma encourages a positive parenting style with a sense of liberalism. We are really thankful to her for sharing such parenting hacks!











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