Sunburn Treatment At Home

Sunburn Treatment At Home

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A sunburn is just burned skin and a child’s skin is very sensitive so it can burn quickly. Many times we engage in outdoor activities during summer, it thrills but comes with consequences both to adults and children in the form of a sunburn. A sunburn is divided into two degrees and can occur within 10-15 minutes of exposure. One must pay sufficient attention to a sunburn because they can lead to skin cancer in the long run.

A sunburn is treated according to age, if the child is under the age of 12 months it should be taken as an emergency. They need to be examined by the doctor. Alternatively, if the sunburn is accompanied by vomiting and nausea, then inform your doctor.

How does a sunburn occur?

The sun during summers is harsh. A sun tan acts as a protection against the heat, over when this exceeds the limit a sunburn is formed. Sunburn is formed due to an oversecretion of the natural sunscreen melanin. A sunburn causes harm to the living skin tissues and hence increases the probability of skin cancer. Infant skin is very sensitive to the sun rays. Hence it is advisable to apply baby sunscreen before you step out with your child.

First Degree Sunburn

A first-degree burn often causes redness, mild swelling and pain. Usually, the healing process takes about two to five days. This type of burn needs mostly hydration which should come in form of moisturising cream and some time.

Second Degree Sunburn

Second-degree burns require attention because they can be very bad. It’s more painful with more swelling and blisters. However, blisters do more good than harm for they protect the inner skin.

First aid before Sunburn treatment

Before you proceed onto any of the home remedies for sunburn, you need to first ensure that first aid is provided to the sunburn. If you are with your infant on a beach trip and your house is away, then a first aid serves like a bandage to the sunburn on its skin. Ensure that you do not break the blisters of the sunburn in your child’s skin by mistake.

Another first aid would be to dampen the burning sensation with a towel soaked in water. Sunburn usually leaves the child dehydrated, hence offer a lot of liquids in the form of formula milk and water. Ensure that you apply a water based aloe moisturiser so that your child will not feel like itching the dried up sunburn. Never apply petroleum-based products like Vaseline as they will increase inflammation of the sunburn.

You do not have to worry if the sunburn is a mild red but if blisters are formed due to the sunburn, then quickly consult your doctor.

AMAZING SUNBURN REMEDIES LIE IN OUR HOUSES Amazing sunburn remedies lie in our houses

There are various food products or good we use every day in our lives which can serve several purposes. If a sunburn occurs do not despair, home remedies for sunburn are there at your disposal, just follow these easy steps:

1. Oatmeal

Head to your pantry for your all time favourite breakfast food oatmeal.Add a cup of oatmeal to your child’s bath, allow her to soak as long as she wants. It soothes the sunburn, relieves the pain and aids in the healing of the sunburn. Another alternative is to make a pastry.

A lukewarm bath is best for skin but if the sunburn is sore, cooler water maybe more preferably. As soon as the baby gets out of the bath do not rub her skin with a towel and do not dry it completely.

2. Ice

Ice compress expresses some relief to sunburn and pain dramatically. Wrap some ice cubes in a towel and apply to the skin areas that have a sunburn. Be careful not to place ice directly to the sunburn as it can worsen the pain by causing frostbites.

3. Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been regarded as one of the perfect natural remedies for a sunburn. You Can split the aloe vera leaf and apply the sap directly onto the skin. This will ease discomfort and moisturise your child’s skin.

4. Yoghurt

You can apply yoghurt and coconut oil on the sunburn. It is ideal to incorporate aloe gel and yoghurt they give an ideal soothing effect on the sunburn. Pick up a cold plain yoghurt which contains a lot of probiotics that will enhance the skin’s ability to restore its natural barrier and spread a thin layer over the sunburn

5. Milk

Milk also gives quick healing to a sunburn. The fat and protein in milk ca soothe a sunburn by creating a protective film over the skin that is wounded by the sunburn. You can make the best cool milk compress to treat the sunburn.

6. Raw honey

Raw honey is an antiseptic and can help heal damaged skin affected by sunburn. Carefully spread it, cover it and let it sit on the sunburn.

7. Mashed potato

Just applying boiled and mashed potatoes on the sunburn as a dressing, cooled down body temperatures. Potatoes are said to draw out body heat and hence they are a useful home remedy treatment for a sunburn.

8. Baking soda

Replace soap with baking soda while bathing your child suffering from a sunburn. This will help in reducing inflammation of the skin.

9. Do not bathe in soapy water

In the first few days your child has suffered a sunburn, take care not to bathe it with soap, as soap can cause irritation to an already dry skin. Rely on alternative cool compresses to soothe the sunburn for a few days. Stay away from bubble baths as well.

To avoid a sunburn, it is recommended that you should avoid letting your children stay in the sun for too long especially between 10 am to 4 pm. Ensure that to prevent the possibility of a harsh sunburn, your child is protected from the sun with a hat or is taken to a place with shade. It is also advisable to use sunscreens with SPF 30 to prevent a sunburn.











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