Teaching Your Child How Not To Be Greedy Xyz

Teaching Your Child How Not To Be Greedy Xyz

21 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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It is a trait of the human nature to be greedy. We want more of everything, even if we do not really require it. A ‘Sale’ draws our attention and we often end up buying unnecessary things in a supermarket. We want the best of everything, but more importantly, we want more than what we have.

The same nature flows into our children and they imbibe some of our greed. It is very important for us to let our children know that sometimes it is necessary to ensure that the other person has enough on his platter than just looking if your platter is full or not.

Once your children reach the age of five or six, they start going to kindergarten. This leads to them spending more time with their friends and consequently their demands for merchandise that their friends have and they do not increase. This is very normal, but you as a parent should know how to keep it in control.

Do give your children what they want, if possible and also, if absolutely necessary. You should be able to teach them the value of what they have and to not be devastated if they do not get what they want. You should take steps to downplay materialism.


Sources of greed. Most children feel “he/she has it, then why can’t I”? In such cases, do not shut them down directly. And most importantly, do not adopt the “in our family” charade. This will give your child the idea that different families have different values and different ways of judging things. If you know that you are not going to give your child a specific item, then give them an honest reason for objecting to giving them a particular thing.


Television is the direct source of greed generator. Not only is television bad for your children’s eyes if watched too much, but is also a source of greed generation. Advertisement is a booming industry and they know what exactly appeals the likes of a small child. Various advertisements and television shows, showcase things that are, at times, unhealthy. But your kids want them all!

In such a scenario, do not turn down their request immediately. Look at what they are asking of you. If it is a reasonable request then there is no harm providing them with it. After all, it is not healthy to turn down your kids all the time, either. This being said, if the request that your kid is asking of you cannot be completed, then explain to them why. Logic often wins most arguments.


If your parents (your child’s grandparents) live with you, then you need to lay down some ground rules about gimmies and treats. Grandparents absolutely adore their grandchildren and hence are ready to buy them whatever they want. You must make sure that this love is kept in check and does not overflow.

In some cases, even parents, knowingly or unknowingly, try to fulfil all the requests of their children and in the end realize that it is too late to mend their mistake. So, make sure you do not commit a mistake that you might not be able to rectify in the long run.

Instead, set a good example by encouraging savings, so that your kids can now buy what they want with their own savings!











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