The 10 Phases Of Taking A Shower With A Newborn In The House

The 10 Phases Of Taking A Shower With A Newborn In The House

19 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Trying to sneak in a shower while you have a newborn in the house can be a perilous task. You cannot help but worry about whether the baby is safe in bed and you’ll probably never really take a peaceful shower.

Here are the ten phases you go through while trying to take a shower while you have a baby in the other room:

Phase 1

You put your newborn safely to sleep and presume that this is a good time to go and take a quick shower.

Phase 2

You suddenly realise that you might have not kept your baby in a position that is safe enough and hence rush back to put her inside a crib or a safer place from where she is totally safe. You finally proceed to peacefully take off your clothes and put on the shower.

Phase 3

You feel the warm jet of water on your body and decide that this was much overdue. You open the bottle of soap to apply it.

Phase 4

You hear a mild sound of a creak or crying coming from the room. You cannot be completely sure because there is also the sound of the gushing water stream. You quickly put the soap on hold, turn off the tap to hear clearly. You’re not too sure yet, so you decide to go ahead with the plan of the shampoo.

Phase 5

You definitely hear crying this time. You quickly rinse off the shampoo try to not slip and fall in all the hurry.

Phase 6

The crying gets significantly louder and you cannot help but panic now. You wonder what could have possibly gone that wrong!

Phase 7

The crying stops for a moment and you are not very sure whether to be a little relieved or to feel more concerned. In either case, you decide to rush back immediately.

Phase 8

You rush back after somehow managing to wrap a towel around you. The baby seems to be uncontrollable now. You cannot help but feel insanely guilty for having left him alone. You promise to yourself and the baby that something like this will never happen again.

Phase 9

The baby somehow manages to calm down after you take him in your arms and walk around for a while. It is obviously uncomfortable for you in a towel but you have no choice left. When your kid becomes completely fine you put him down and proceed to put on clothes.

Phase 10

You put on clothes but the moment you touch a comb, you realise that you really have not rinsed off the shampoo completely. Hence the troubled cycle starts all over again!

Bathing while your baby waits in the next room is one of the most frustrating things and you will almost never be able to do it peacefully. This should pass soon, not to worry!











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