The 7 Most Innovative Schools In Gurgaon That Are Changing The Way That We See Education Xyz

The 7 Most Innovative Schools In Gurgaon That Are Changing The Way That We See Education Xyz

20 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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Innovation is the new evolution in this ever-changing world, and you either innovate or perish. The world thrives on innovations – new ideas and discoveries; expressions and creations. These changes and shifts are important for the growth of communities, cultures and the world.

One area where innovations are extremely significant and desperately required today is the education sector. Innovations in schools and academic institutions would mean a paradigm shift in the way we have been educated and educating our children.

Everywhere across the world, innovation in education is being brought through adopting new and meaningful teaching and learning pedagogy, introduction of new technology and infusion of groundbreaking ideas to prepare students for a better future.

In India, urban centres like Gurgaon have been at the forefront of innovation in formal education. In the past decade or so, several new schools have come up that offer new ways of learning or existing schools have embraced cutting-edge teaching methods of imparting education to children. These are unprecedented times in India with greater opportunities for a world-class education present right at our doorstep.

In Gurgaon, which has flourished as a global commercial centre, emergence of innovative schools has filled a gap that existed in our traditional educational landscape. Innovative schools are a way for parents to offer their kids every advantage in terms of a global learning approach.

Here is a list of eight most innovative schools in Gurgaon

The Heritage School

At The Heritage School, the focus is to lead students towards leadership, independence, optimism and making them life-long learners. The learning principles focus on each child’s calling and passions through pedagogical tools that include reflection, enquiry, debates and honest assessments.

Unique innovative features – Inclusion of students with special needs in regular classroom settings and facilitating their learning with the help of special educators, language therapists and counsellors; regular meditation and holistic retreats for students

Vega Schools

The sole Indian member of Global Schools’ Alliance, Vega Schools offer an immersive learning experience incorporating real world experiences, challenges and environments, preparing students for future. The teaching centres on the child and is very engaging; it’s also relevant in preparing students for solving 21st century problems and demonstrating their knowledge of each aspect of the learning. Regular public speaking is ingrained in the system thus making students more confident and expressive. All curricular and co-curricular activities are woven around project-based learning methodology.

Teachers use customized software to analyze and track each student’s progress through the years thus personalizing learning for each student. Vega is a progressive school that offers truly innovative ways of learning for students of all age groups. Being a member of the GSA, Vega Schools are able to access resources from the top-rated progressive schools around the world and align the CBSE curriculum with world-class educational practices.

Unique innovative features – Most authentic real-world projects, progressive and immersive learning, a truly remarkable school design and creative interactive open-plan learning spaces for active learning and students, 21st-century school

KED School

Kunskapsskolan Eduventures (a joint venture between Gyandarshan Eduventures and Kunskapsskolan Education Sweden AB) runs the KED School in Gurgaon. KED schools are spread over many global locations. So, even though the curriculum is aligned with CBSE, the learning method is quite innovative.

Subjects are categorized into either themes (for computers, arts) or steps (for languages, mathematics). Preschool learning is also theme-based and focuses on developing and enhancing students’ cognitive abilities, motor skills, language capabilities and socio-emotional development. Students also get to interact with children enrolled in other KED schools across the world.

Unique innovative features – Global education, unique pedagogy

The Pathways School

The learning at Pathways happens with the help of Dr. Howard Gardener’s research on Multiple Intelligences (total 8). The school focuses on each category through different activities. For instance, to develop linguistic intelligence, students engage in activities like debates, theatre and creative writing. For logical-mathematical, the activities at Pathways are stock market games, student stores and industrial design.

Unique innovative features – Extensive use of technology for teaching, a unique teaching style

Shalom Presidency School

Shalom Presidency School focuses on both academic excellence and overall development of children as global citizens. The school follows a learning framework that includes specific principles, practices and learning outcomes.

Unique innovative features – Focus on developing well-rounded personalities through education, learning and activities.

Suncity School

Suncity School focuses on imparting learning that leads to a greater understanding of concepts but through each student’s own curiosity and hence the need for exploring and learning. The school has incorporated e-learning and technology in a major way in every classroom.

Unique innovative features – Separate labs based on the Dr. Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences research, focus on enhancing students’ natural curiosity to facilitate learning.

SCJ World Academy

The SCJ World Academy follows a unique curriculum focussed on developing communication skills, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration skills; a study of the world in terms of history, geography, politics, religion and culture and personal development. The learning is through questions and projects involving real-world scenarios. The campus infrastructure consists of cultural hubs and collaborative spaces.

Unique innovative features – Focus on overall development of students, sprawling campus, modern boarding infrastructure.

This is a unique time for parents to break away from the old and traditional mindset, and offer their children the best in innovative education through a number of remarkable educational practices being practiced at these extraordinary schools.

Of course, parents have their own ideas about their children’s education. Therefore, it is imperative that parents do their own research in terms of their list of preferred schools by visiting these schools and seeing these innovative practices in action and make an informed decision.