The Baby Is Feeding Yet Not Gaining Weight. Why?

The Baby Is Feeding Yet Not Gaining Weight. Why?

2 Mar 2022 | 2 min Read

Dr. Tejeshwari Gehlot

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Monitoring your baby’s weight as per their growth is a must. It helps knowing if there are any changes needed in the feeding process, the schedule, the type of baby formula or food, or feeding habits. 

a lot of babies do feed often but still do not show a significant increase in their healthy weight. The three main reasons behind your baby not gaining weight could be because he/she isn’t taking in enough calories, not absorbing the calories, or burning more calories than what they take in. 

Babies who do not sleep well or stay tired tend to fall asleep while feeding leading to insufficient intake. Few babies also face problems in latching while being fed. Changing your breastfeeding position and helping them how to latch is important. 

As the babies grow, they have to be taught how to suck, breathe, and swallow properly. If not done properly they might spit the milk/ food instead of taking it in.

Spiting up food could also be a result of gastroesophageal reflux where the babies tend to spit the entire food/content present in the stomach.  

For babies about 6months who are recently introduced to solid foods, their majority of calories still come from breastmilk. Stopping breastfeeding after 6 months could be one of the reasons for not gaining healthy weight. 

Food allergies or allergies to baby food formula lead to insufficient intake causing a reduction in healthy weight gain. 

Premature babies need more calories as compared to others for basic development. They tend to burn more calories than what they take in.

Besides these issues mothers that bottle-feed also face some bottle-feeding issues that affect the baby’s weight gain. 

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