The Only Exercise You Need To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

The Only Exercise You Need To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Having a flat stomach is something we all strive for. Nowadays, with all the attractive, size zero models occupying our television and computer screens, how could we think of anything else? In addition to their attractiveness, flat stomachs are also a sign of good health and fitness. Having a flat stomach can go a long way in helping you feel confident about your body and yourself. Quite often, it helps people build a positive self-image as they perceive that the world sees them as attractive or fit.

Pregnancy takes quite a toll on your body and knows exactly how to stretch and pull your body out of shape. After having had another person grow inside you, it’s only natural that you’re going to have a little extra fat and skin in your abdominal region. This is why it comes as no surprise that new moms out there are probably trying their very best to achieve this flat tummy. Changing your body is never easy; therefore it will require hard work, time, and dedication. But don’t lose faith and motivation; getting a flat tummy isn’t a hard task.

What you need:

There is ONE exercise which works wonders and is all you need to come closer to your dreams of being the “hot mom” on the block. This is called deadlifts. Deadlifts works the core (centre) of your body and aims to help you make all your movements extend from it. It also helps you build muscle which enables faster burning of calories by speeding up the metabolism. Yes, it’s quite a complicated process which you don’t even want to think about doing. But this is only when it’s in words. When put into action, you’ll see how easy it really is.

The Deadlift:

The deadlift is quite similar to a squat which could be done with or without weights held behind your back or at your chest. The difference between them is that when performing this exercise, you have to pick up weights off the ground, rather than hold them up when in starting position. It’s also important to ensure that your posture and form are on point as these are crucial for a beneficial exercise routine.

How to do a deadlift:

In order to a do a deadlift, first make sure that the weight is placed in front of you and that it is appropriate for your strength, weight, and height. You could ask a trainer to be sure of what weights would be best for you. Then, with your knees shoulder width apart, bend down, reaching out to pick up the weight. A friendly tip to help you keep your form right – pretend that you’re about to sit down on a stool or chair. It may sound funny, but it gets the job done. Move as you would if you were about to sit on a stool, i.e., bend your knees forward/outward, keep your back straight while bending forward/downward, and try to keep your shins straight. Bend just enough so that you can reach down to pick up the weights and try bending from the hips.

how to do a deadlift

Don’t forget!

The workout itself is quite simple, but like all good things life, it comes with a catch. It’s not a bad catch, mind you. You should remember that your body doesn’t work magic. If you’re trying to shape up and burn some calories, simply exercising won’t cut it. If you binge on junk food and justify it by saying “It’s okay, I’m going to the gym at 5,” you may not see the results you’re hoping for. I’m not saying cut out all the yums from your life; but moderation is important. Try having one or two days in the week where you allow yourself to indulge in the goodies while you abstain from them on the other days. Eat healthy and eat right. It’ll also help if you supplement your workout with cardio exercises on the side. Cardio helps you burn excess fat, as opposed to building muscle.

The last point to remember is that while doing deadlifts, the kind of weight used is unimportant. You could use a barbell or dumbbells or two big bottles of water; whatever works for you. Just remember to enjoy yourself and not get demotivated if you don’t see immediate results. Your rewards will come with patience and dedication.

Have a happy workout!











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