The Rulebook On Pregnancy Beauty Tips

The Rulebook On Pregnancy Beauty Tips

4 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Earlier, the mere utterance of the word “pregnancy” would evoke images of over-sized and stretchable clothing, or a de-accessorized, de-glam look. Now, thanks to the fashion brigade taking cognizance of the fact that fashion and pregnancy can co-exist and successfully promoting it heavily to good measure, this has changed. Expectant moms are ready to go that extra mile to look and feel good during this phase.

Women love to maintain a beauty regime and pregnancy is no reason to put a stop it. After all, you are celebrating life, so do it in style! You are not governed by any pre-defined set of rules on style and beauty, hence you can always get overzealous and come up with your rule book on pregnancy beauty tips. Yes! You read it right! You can actually come up with a rule-book of your own, but the challenge is to stick to the beauty regime and follow it religiously.

1. Looking trendy

Shop for those lovely branded maternity-wear, which are designed to make you look and feel good as a pregnant mom. Wait! You can also be a bit adventurous and goof around for non-branded ones in the local flea markets. T-shirts, cardigans, jeans, palazzos, fancy tops and more, just go for the kill! Try to pick up clothing that you can use even after your pregnancy phase. In that way, you won’t end up cluttering your wardrobe with unwanted maternity clothes staring at you later.

2. Accessorize

Now this is one thing that need not take a back-seat whether you are expecting or not. Check out on the latest trends, buy things to co-ordinate with your outfits and remember you are never too old for anything. It is all about how you style it, whether it is neck-pieces, ear-studs, finger-rings, nose-pins, anklets, bangles, or broaches! It would take quite some time to complete this list and we doubt if anyone can ever do that! Pick and choose from the best accessories. Just ensure that you have an eagle-eye for fashion when it comes to accessories and the mantra is, if you have it, flaunt it!

3. Love the locks

Get yourself a new hair style, pamper yourself to a hair spa and if you are weary about what dyes would do to you, medical research shows that it will not go to the extent of harming your unborn child even though minute amounts may penetrate your skin. Bank on the organic ones to play it safe.

4. Mani-Pedi

You don’t have to give this routine a miss! Continue to do what you love. Paint the town with all hues you can think of.

5. Smelling good

Perfumes can still be used, but ensure minimal skin contact to avoid chemicals penetrating the skin. Instead, use them on your clothes.

6. Work the glow

Organic facials can make you feel good and get the glow too. Go ahead and indulge in them.

7. Skin routine

Cleanse, tone, scrub and moisturize, as it’s the only way to good skin.

8. Massage

You can safely go for a massage after consulting your medical practitioner. Do remember to avoid the belly and ask the masseuse to be cautious around the tummy area.

9. Drink fluids

Never forget the “universal elixir”, water, and consume lots of it frequently. Your body needs it. Additionally go for fresh fruit and vegetable juices to increase the fluid in-take.

10. Eating right

Watch what you eat since what you take in is what your skin will reflect. Include generous amounts of fruits and vegetables in your diet and go for multiple meals than heavy ones to avoid feeling over-stuffed.

11. Exercise

Maintain a routine of exercising to keep yourself alert and active. Walking, swimming, yoga, meditation or whatever you are comfortable with…just go for it.

12. Stay happy

Being cheerful and happy at all times will ensure you look good and feel good always. Your inner beauty will show up naturally on the outside.

So, the conclusion is that pregnancy needs to be considered as an opportunity to look and feel more beautiful. Hug it, love it and live the moment!











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