The Rulebook To Get Back Into Shape Post Pregnancy

The Rulebook To Get Back Into Shape Post Pregnancy

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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Will I ever get to wear my jeans again? This is one of the many questions related to getting back to shape and losing weight that constantly occupies a new mom’s mind. All that happy weight gained during pregnancy now seems to stare at you in the face and you don’t like this. Given the kind of fashion-conscious crowd seen these days, the maternity wardrobe has definitely gone through a makeover, offering a variety of choices, but the yearning to ditch the plus-size stretchable maternity stuff is a nagging thought, which will never die down until it is achieved.

Losing weight continues to be top priority after childbirth for most of us. However, can we hurry in to achieve this goal? No way! Since it will only end up with doing more harm than good. Hence the process needs to be gradual and sustained efforts should be made in this direction. Let’s work on a few tips and tricks to hit the bull’s-eye when it comes to weight loss.

1. Calorie-conscious

We need to work on the amount of calories that we take in. For a breastfeeding mom, up to 2,400 calories are needed and for non-breastfeeding moms, close to 2,200 calories are required. So, the key is count up your calories in what you consume.

2. Types of nutrients

New mommies require loads of iron, calcium, folate, vitamin C, and protein. So the meals consumed should be a balance of all these nutrients, which your body needs to bounce back to normal life.

3. Sizing up your meals

Watch your plate and don’t over-stuff it. Make this your mantra towards healthy weight loss. It makes sense to split meals into multiples than having one big heavy meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be interspersed with smaller snacks in between to power-up the nutrition intake.

4. Ditching the junk

Undoubtedly for most of us, that big bag of potato chips is enough to create havoc when coupled with our favourite cola. The challenge is to get rid of that urge. A better way to establish it would be to stock up our homes with healthy foods like yoghurt, fruits and nuts.

5. Juice it up

Your body needs lots of fluids, so drink water aplenty and go for pulpy fruit juices frequently if you don’t prefer whole fruits every now and then. However, eating the whole fruit guarantees more nutrition and healthy calories.

6. Vegetables and fruits

Never forget to include these in your daily diet. Go for locally available varieties and feel free to experiment on global varieties which are easily available in the supermarkets these days.

7. Trying out new recipes

If you love cooking, then make internet your friend and surf for cuisines that are low on calories and try them out yourself. If you don’t cook, then you can always get someone to do it for you!

8. Exercising

This should never take the back seat when it comes to weight loss. Start with low-stress exercises like a simple walk or short run and then gradually move up to sweating it out in the gym.

9. Enjoy what you do

It’s very important to stay calm and cheerful at all times. Whether you are playing with your little one, reading a book or taking up a hobby during this period, you need to feel happy about what you are doing. This will be the secret to your weight loss!

With all these healthy tips in hand, new mommies can definitely look forward to losing weight in a healthy and happy way. I benefitted from these and hope you do as well! And as always wishing you a happy motherhood!











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