The Secret Behind A Happy Long Lasting Marriage

The Secret Behind A Happy Long Lasting Marriage

6 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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A happy, long-lasting marriage is a beautiful thing that all of us want to have. When you spend a significant portion of your life with a person you love, you tend to notice every little thing your partner does. The way a woman looks at her husband and smiles as their child takes their first steps. The way a husband always turns to their darling wife for fashion tips. Of course, there’s also the perks of people coming to you for advice and stories about your long-lasting marriage.

But with all these petty fights, disagreements and conflicts that keep happening, we need something to make our feet sink deep in the sand. Here are a couple of tips to keep the relationship alive:

1. Spend more time with each other

It can seem easy and comfortable to fall into the habit of having dinner at home, lazing around in your night suit, without a care in the world. Although it is wonderful to feel that free and comfortable around your partner, you should make the effort to add a little fun every now and then. Make it a point to dress up and go on a date at least once a month. You could even arrange a nice little fancy date at home, but do dress up a little – it will add to the magic.

2. It’s all about compromise

There is no couple that does not fight from time to time. There will be several arguments throughout your marriage, but it is all about how you learn to handle them. Perhaps one of you gets sensitive about particular fights or gets exceedingly angry. It is up to you to decide to end the fight before it escalates. Take a deep breath, step away from the scene for a minute and think about the whole situation. If you feel like it can be fixed by some form of compromise, then try it out. No two people are alike – if one wants to have Italian and one wants Chinese, just opt for multicuisine. No argument has to be too hard and no marriage.

3. Compliment them

When you compliment each other, you and your partner will feel so much better. You can compliment them on anything that you genuinely like about them – whether it is the way they handle the kids, their mean biryani making skills, or how they can effortlessly pull off any look.

4. Mutual respect

The secret to a happy marriage includes three important things – love, trust and, of course, respect. IN a marriage, both partners have to respect each other’s thoughts, feelings, space and dignity. When there is mutual respect for each other, there is a sense of calm in the relationship, even when you do fight.

5. The Big C

The most important thing in a successful marriage is communication. Communication is the key factor in any relationship – if you don’t discuss your likes and dislikes, you can’t grow as an individual and it gets difficult to build a strong relationship. If there is anything that is bothering you, have them sit down so you can have a chat about it. Talking and sorting things out together will only make your bond grow deeper.

6. Listen!

This goes with point 5: you have to listen to your partner. Although listening is a part of communication, we often don’t hear the smaller things – like when they say that their neck was hurting while at work or that their shoe got damaged. The difference between hearing and listening is that when you listen, you feel the need to act upon it and give them comfort even. When you hear them, the words they say simply go through one ear and escape out the other ear. So make it a point to listen to your partner.











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