The Ultimate Baby Bag Guide

The Ultimate Baby Bag Guide

25 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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When you’re on the go with your baby, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a baby emergency, unprepared. Your baby needs more stuff than you’d assume, for a human so small. Here are some must haves in your baby care bag that you’ll be grateful for at the end of the day!

Baby Care Bag

1. Diapers:

You’ll need to carry about 4-6 extra diapers, depending on how long you plan to stay out of the house, because those little monsters are poop-machines. Being stuck in a situation where you have a smelly, crying baby and no clean diapers, is less than fun.

2. Baby wipes:

When you’re changing your child’s diaper, you want to be able to clean his/her bum properly. Choose wipes which are best suited for your baby’s skin and not too harsh.

3. Baby lotion:

Continually wiping your baby’s bottom will suck away the moisture and lead to dry skin which could get irritating and sensitive. To avoid this, remember to apply baby lotion on your baby.

4. Diaper rash ointment:

In case of any allergies your baby might have to the diaper, it would be advisable to always carry diaper rash ointment to avoid any avoidable difficulties.

5. Changing mat:

You can’t be sure that there will be an adequate diaper changing facility wherever you go. The best solution is to carry your own changing mat to prevent your baby from coming in contact with too many germs.

6. Trash bag:

It’s better to carry a trash bag or any plastic bag in which you can dispose of the dirty diapers if a diaper change is essential at a certain point in time and you don’t find a trash can.

7. Toy(s):

Carry your baby’s favourite toy or something she/he enjoys playing with. This would work as an effective distraction when you need to change your baby and prevent too much movement. Additionally, it would also work great to calm down or distract your baby if she/he gets cranky.

8. Bib:

Babies are known for being artists while they eat. It would take a miracle for a baby to eat without spilling food all over. As most baby food is goopy, it also makes it harder to clean up. An easy out from this situation would be to carry a bib in your baby bag, so your baby’s clothes don’t get filthy by the end of the day.

9. Pacifier:

If your baby is a crier, this little object will be your best friend. Sometimes it’s just impossible to make your baby stop crying, not matter what you do. If you’re in public and your baby bursts out into another crying fit, it could create a nuisance and a lot of frustration for everyone. In case your baby is being difficult, just pop in a pacifier: It would really be a saving grace.

10. Hat:

Sometimes (most of the time), the weather is unpredictable. If the sun decided to make a surprise appearance, you don’t want to be stuck with your baby exposed to the harsh rays. Carrying a hat for your baby is always a good option since babies tend to have sensitive skin which could get burnt easily.

11. Sweater:

It’s always good to carry a sweater with you. Even if it is summer time, you may walk into a store or restaurant which is air conditioned. You don’t want your baby catching a cold or a fever.

12. An extra outfit:

As much as you try to be careful, there’s always a possibility that your baby’s clothes will get soiled; Either because of a faulty diaper, or because of spit up or drool. It’s safer to carry an extra pair of clothes for such situations.

13. Tissues/Napkin:

Let’s face it. Babies are messy. To have a hassle free day, remember to carry tissues or a napkin to clean up after your baby.

14. Snacks/Water:

In case it’s a long day, remember to carry some food for you and your baby so that neither of you get cranky whilst dealing with each other. Water is also your best friend because dehydration can lead to a lot of problems.

These are a few tips on what to carry in your baby care bag. I hope you find them helpful and they should prevent any possible incidents.











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