The Ultimate Vacation Every Mom Needs

The Ultimate Vacation Every Mom Needs

30 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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My parents live quite far away from me, so whenever I get the opportunity to visit them, I jump at it. And once I step foot in that house, the mother and the wife in me transforms into this carefree teenager.

Especially for us women in India, marriage distances us (physically) from our own family. We are swept into a new environment where we begin to take on responsibilities like never before. We try to add our own personal touch to our now new home. Yet the home we grew up in remains forever close to our heart.

And so, going back to my maternal home is something I look forward to each time; when I was a new bride and now when I am a mother. Recently my little one remarked how much I laugh when I am talking to my mother and how every time we visit nana nani’s house I don’t do anything, not even for her.

Yes, as soon as I am in my maternal home, the maternal instincts are taken over by grand-maternal instincts. I let my mother take charge of me and my daughter, while I take charge of other things like making plans to meet all my friends, shopping and eating like never before.

So here is a list of all the things I like to do when I visit my parents:

1. Mummy ke Haath ka Khana

My mother diligently obliges to my daily special requests for food. Nothing beats “mummy ke haath ka khana”. And so while I am there, I make sure mom has a list of all the things I want to eat. The aroma of that simple daal or that elaborate kheer just makes my appetite soar.

You know when we are in our house with kids and husband and in laws, we rarely get a chance to savour what we cook, so going to mom’s house means eating like a pig everyday and enjoying every bit of it.

2. Gossip

Having a gupshup, catching up or gossip whatever you want to call it, is something I can do for hours with my mom. The concept of time ceases to exist when we are wound up chitchatting either in person or on the phone.

3. Shopping

Sale or no sale, we end up going shopping nevertheless. Mom and I love to spend hours looking at stuff we don’t really need but buy anyways. And occasionally the opportunity to leave my child with her nani and have uninterrupted shopping experience by myself is something I can never pass. And I know my little one will be well cared for so I don’t have to worry at all, even if I am out all day.

4. Catching up with Friends

Oh yes, making plans with friends starts the minute I book my travel tickets to my parents. Childhood friends, college friends, and neighbourhood friends- I try to meet as many as possible and relive my teenage moments.

5. Lazing around

Only at my parents place can the mother/wife in me can have the privilege of lazing around. Every request that my little one makes gets fulfilled by her nana/nani without me being disturbed from my couch potato asana. It’s like complete relaxation without having to go to any resort.

6. Sleep

I can literally catch up on all the sleep I may have missed during the year in just a week’s time at my parents place. And the best part, I can do it whenever I want.

7. Get Pampered

Salon pampering doesn’t even come close to mother’s pampering. The hair massage, her warm embraces, her loving concern for our wellbeing work like the ultimate spa treatment.

8. Photo Albums

We love pulling out the old photo albums and reminiscing about old times. My little one also enjoys seeing them as she gets to see how her mom used to be.

9. Being Silly

When I visit my parents and if my brother is visiting the same time, silliness reigns. We let our guards down and act downright crazy. There are no inhibitions and no one to restrain us. We could be dancing like crazy to our favourite music or cracking silly jokes and laughing our hearts out.

And so, of all the vacations we may take as a family, visiting our parent’s house is by far the most awaited. Don’t you agree?











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