Things New Mothers Do That Annoy The Doctor

Things New Mothers Do That Annoy The Doctor

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Once I asked my mother, “Today I helped a blind man cross the road mumma, it felt so good to help him. What is the best thing you have done Mom?” “Giving birth to you son” she replied

It is a beautiful time isn’t it, those nine months. Just the idea of nurturing a life inside you sounds so fascinating. Just looking at your baby bump in the mirror gives you the broadest smile.

And finally, when the day of your delivery arrives, everything seems just magical. It is never easy to give birth to a child, but always worth it.

Ever asked the doctor how is it to help a woman become a mother? Will he agree with you on the beauty of it? Well… Nope.

So what are the things that really annoy your doctor?

1. Not being prepared before going to you paediatrician.

Doctors love patients who go visit them prepared with their questions and doubts. The clinic is not the place to think of answers.

2. Thinking it is okay to avoid prenatal check ups.

No. It is extremely important to not avoid your prenatal check ups. The doctor’s check up is key to the survival of your baby and your health. For your child’s sake do not miss the check up.

3. Not staying away from doctors when not at their office.

So you really thought your kind paediatrician had no problems answering your problems at the grocery store? Don’t delude yourself.

4. Complaining about your prior doctors during your appointment.

The more you complain about your previous doctors, the less we want to deal with you.

5. Exaggerating symptoms.

Your doctor knows how much pain you are in. Do not try to prove it.

6. Coming to the doctor too soon.

Okay, so you are 5 days away from your due date? No contractions? Is your water still intact? Is it? Then DON’T FREAKIN COME TO MEEE YET!!!

7. Having your husband in the room while you are labouring.

He did what he had to do months ago, why do you want him now? For moral support? No room for your man lady, you will have to fight this battle alone.

8. Wanting him to shoot the entire process.

As if having your husband inside is not irritating enough.

9. Overeating.

Yes, you crave food during pregnancy, but overeating can lead to having food in the stomach while the doctor wants to give you anaesthesia, which is hazardous.

10. Avoiding moving during labour.

Movements not only help nurses monitor the contradictions better but also help you avoid complications. Not moving around can also make labour even more painful.

11. Looking at the clock while labouring.

Your doctor is bearing with you and your pain too. It is as tedious for him/her.

The list is endless, but I guess I’ll end here. Next time be careful not to repeat any of these. Tell your pregnant friends and relatives. If you think you will forget any of this memories it but don’t you dare annoy your doctor. After all happy doctor = happy labouring, happy labouring = happy you.











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