This Husbands Love For His Wife Will Make You Smile

This Husbands Love For His Wife Will Make You Smile

19 May 2022 | 1 min Read


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It’s a beautiful feeling to know you’re appreciated. To know that you matter and that the reason life is the way it is, is because you are in it. You may forget this, however, that you are so very important. This ‘Ek heera’ ad brings home to women just how invaluable they are not only to their husbands but to their entire family.

The video is shot from the perspective of a husband. He thinks that even in the absence of his wife, the sun will rise and set and people will rest and eat. He thinks that life would no doubt, go on. But what sort of life would that be? he ponders.

It dawns on him that life wouldn’t be life without her. He thinks of a way to make her feel appreciated and the thought of ‘a gem for the gem in your life’, crosses his mind. He gifts her a pair of gorgeous earrings and she is elated. Little does she know that she’s worth more than all the gems and jewels the world has to offer.