This Maternity Photo Shoot Is Totally Relatable And Moms Love It! Xyz

This Maternity Photo Shoot Is Totally Relatable And Moms Love It! Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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When you think of maternity photo shoots, what comes to your mind? Beautiful women who are showing off their baby bumps surrounded by flowers and scarves and what not. They almost look too good to be true.

But let’s be realistic about this, as a pregnant woman, can you even imagine posing in a studio where the temperature is either too hot or too cold but never really perfect and rushing off to pee between every photo that is clicked. Yes, ladies, the struggle is real and this maternity photo shoot is here to put an end to it.

Home-(work)-grocery store. That’s the order of places you spend most of your time if you’re an expectant mom right? Page Miller took this for an inspiration and paid a fun and creative homage to all the multitasking pregnant moms out there. We’ll let you decide if you can relate more to a photoshoot in a supermarket or one amidst a paddy field where you have to wear a fancy dress and shoes that might be borderline trying to trip you every opportunity they get. But I think we already know the answer.

Y’all know how cravings can get! One minute you’re peacefully watching a TV show and then next, wham! You’re stuffing your mouth with everything cheesy and delightful.

And of course, you have to chill in between because shopping is tiresome. That’s Page Miller’s 2-year-old daughter, Avery, by the way. She’s giving her mom company because grocery shopping is a two-man or rather a two-woman job.

Parenting done right.

Those are some super-cute onesies and the Superman symbol is nothing of importance, right? Wrong. Superman is Clark Kent, I mean when he’s not dressed in tights and flying above to save crashing planes.

Miller’s second son was named Clark Joseph. On Avery’s second birthday, she lost him to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in 2016. “We planned on Clark being Superman for Halloween,” she told Huffington Post. After his passing, Superman became a symbol for their son. His organs were donated and he already saved a lot of people’s lives like Superman does. It has become a positive, reinforcing symbol in their lives.

Apart from being a homage to all messy-bun and looking-for-coffee moms, it is also to raise awareness about SIDS.

So, at the moment, Miller is pregnant with a ‘Rainbow baby’. It is a term that is used to describe a baby which is born after a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Despite everything, Miller looks glowing, happy and is spreading positivity every which way she can!











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