Tips And Tricks To Deal With 2 Children

Tips And Tricks To Deal With 2 Children

19 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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When you have a baby, everything changes. From your sleep cycle to your social life, it takes a toll on everything. Now, imagine having two kids. Yeah, some say it’s easier and some say it’s double the trouble.

Be it dealing their personal lives or school life, your hands will be constantly full. Amidst all of this, how do you make time for yourself, your partner and not indulge in poor parenting?

For those of you who just had a second child or have two children already, here are some pointers that’ll help you deal with the situation.
Let’s get started with the tips and tricks to handle two children like a boss!

1.Make A Routine

Sit down with your children and plan a routine. From the time they wake up to the time they sleep, pre-decide what has to be done at what time. This will help reduce the pressure of getting things done on time, off your shoulders.
As a parent, you’ll have to build a certain level of understanding with your children and inculcate the habit of doing things in a systematic manner.

2.Maintain A Calendar

With two children, you’ll have a lot of activities lined up. School events like parent-teacher meetings, etc. need to be tracked. You can use a google calendar or anything that suits you and mark the important dates so that you stay as organised and involved and possible.
This will also help you plan your day to day life, outside of your children!


As early as possible, start teaching your children how to do things by themselves. Simple things like eating, cleaning up after themselves, bathing, etc. can be taught them quite easily.
Or you can teach them how to help out each other in doing the chores. This will not only help them bond as siblings, but it will reduce your work to a great extent.

4.Family Time

This is especially important if you’re both working parents. Don’t plan your day or week in such a manner that you won’t have any breathers. Breathers should be utilized to spend a few quality moments with your children. Also, your focus should be on giving both children equal time. One day in a week must be a family day. Bonding with your children, separately and together, is very important.

5.The Necessity Kit

So, a few things must always be kept handy. This point is a tip for the times you’re travelling with your kids. Water, food, tissues, wipes, spare clothes, and an emergency kit are a few must haves. Carry around anything that you might think will be needed if a regularity arises. Kids are always hungry and thirsty, so you don’t want to parade around 2 cranky kids. So always be prepared.

6.Chores Routine

Now this is a great idea. You don’t have to do everything to maintain the house as parents. Get your kids involved with the doing of these weekly and daily chores suitable to their ages, of course. This will help the kids be responsible and understand the importance of doing the work on time while coordinating with others around.

7.Date Time

This tip is for parents who don’t find the time to spend with their children together. Another alternative would be to take them out on dates. It could be as simple as a walk. If it helps, bond separately with your babies. Though it’s not a good idea to always to this. Mingling with them together is equally important.

8. Me Time

This is the most important point of all. So far, you’ve been told, how must you look after, your kids but soon enough, you’re bound to reach saturation.
Amidst all this, make sure you give yourself some time. It could be you doing things on your own or spending time with your better half. In this point, we would also like to make it clear that do not refrain from spending some quality time with your spouse. It’ll help you function as a team.

Having two children is not a walk in the park, but it’s nice to have all that cheer. The above tricks will help you manage the situation like a pro! All the very best.











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