Tips For Personal Care And Good Hygiene During Pregnancy Xyz

Tips For Personal Care And Good Hygiene During Pregnancy Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 7 min Read


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Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. The feeling of a new life growing inside her brings the mom-to-be the utmost sense of love and fulfillment. The joys of pregnancy are incomparable. The serenity and the pink glow that the mommy-to-be gets, and not to mention the baby bump, are everything that the momma craves for before the expected cute little bundle of love arrives. But it’s not an easy job, despite all the happiness that you feel. Every expectant mother goes through hormonal imbalances, nausea, dizziness, puking – and what not! This phase can take you through a whirlwind of emotional mayhem and physical changes, and not to mention, mood swings. During this time, many tend to forget the importance of personal care. With so much going on, who can blame you? But hygiene and personal care play a major role, especially when it comes to this phase of a woman’s life. When you are carrying, you have to not only think about yourself but your little one too. Improper personal care practices can put the health of your baby at risk. Therefore, as an expectant mother, it is important to be careful about every aspect of hygiene and care. It includes skin care, food habits, lifestyle, hygiene, and sleep. Here are important aspects of pregnancy and personal care that every expectant mother should focus on.

Skin And Hair Care

Among all the fuss and excitement of impending motherhood, it is common to forget to take care of your skin during this time. But your skin tends to be most sensitive during pregnancy. You may have received comments like “your skin is glowing” or “your skin is looking dull”. It is true; pregnancy may bring a natural glow and flush to your skin. But that isn’t always the case. Lack of proper skin and hair care can make you look dull and worn out. I know it must be hard and stressful to take a shower every day, especially if you have to wash your hair too. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your skin and hair looking healthy:

Drink plenty of water and keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Water can be a natural way to detox your body from within and clear out harmful toxins. And during this time, you may expect breakouts due to hormonal changes. Water will wash all the excess toxins out.

Avoid using chemical-based products as your skin tends to get sensitive during this time and hence many products that you were using before may be unsuitable now. Instead, opt for organic and natural bath products that can maintain the natural Ph of your body.

Wash your hair in the sink or use a shower instead of a bathtub, as that way, you can get it over with quickly. And as pregnancy may make you lethargic, you might want to get it out of the way as quickly as possible.

Keep your makeup to the minimal. Your skin tends to get very oily due to the overactive oil glands that bring about the “natural glow”. Hence, it’s better not to overdo your makeup as it can cause the pores to block.

Dental Care

Taking care of your teeth is another important aspect during your pregnancy that ensures good health. Lack of proper oral care can increase the risk of complications during your pregnancy. Hence, it is important to give more attention to oral care. Here are a few simple ways you can maintain good dental health.

Brush your teeth regularly, and twice a day. This will prevent the onset of tooth decay and keep your gums healthy. The risk of oral decay increases when you are pregnant; hence, it is mandatory to keep a check and floss after every meal.

During pregnancy, you need special care and attention when it comes to dental health. Hence, visit your dentist and get checked for any tooth decay or gum disease and get the necessary treatment done as early as possible.

Don’t give into your cravings. Avoid eating too many sweets such as hard candies or sticky caramelized foods.

Vaginal Care

Personal hygiene is, without a doubt, very important when you are pregnant. Paying attention to your genitals and keeping it clean can prevent any infections or rashes from forming. And it is especially necessary to focus on vaginal care during this time. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause increased perspiration and more vaginal discharge. Here are a few ways in which you can keep your private parts clean and healthy.

Clean yourself well after every visit to the washroom. Make sure the surroundings are clean and dry before you use it too. Use a natural soap or cleanser specially made for the genital area.

It is understandable that you may be lazy or tired during pregnancy, but never skip a bath. Cleanse your vaginal area regularly and keep it clean by trimming the pubic area. This will prevent genital infections.

Any diseases or infections in the vaginal area may harm your baby. Therefore, make sure you abstain from any practices that may cause an infection.

Healthy Diet

Along with taking care of your body from the outside, it is also mandatory to give it the nutrition it needs. A nutritious diet filled with all the required minerals and vitamins will ensure good health. And the food you eat will have an impact on your baby’s health, so never compromise on eating anything but the best when it comes to nutrition for your little one. Because of healthy eating, the breast milk that you produce will contain nutrients and vitamins needed for the healthy growth of your baby. Here are a few habits that you must inculcate to have a healthy baby.

Have plenty of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. All these will provide your body with the required nutrition and vitamins. Proper nutrients can help the body fight any infections or diseases and give you the strength to tolerate the pains of pregnancy.

Do not give in to your cravings. They may cause you to overeat too. While it is good for the baby that you are eating plenty for both, overeating can cause other issues that may remain even post pregnancy.

Eat on time and never skip meals, as every day you are feeding yourself and the baby growing inside you. The growing fetus needs all the necessary nutrients for its overall development. A proper diet can ensure proper functioning of organs too.

Consult with a doctor to create a list of foods to eat and avoid during this time.

Pregnancy is not easy! I understand you may be going through a tough time, as most expectant mothers are. But, it is in our hands to turn this journey into a happy and peaceful experience. So, take proper personal care to ensure good health for both mother and baby. Nothing can be more important than personal care and hygiene during this time, hence focus on that and you will have to worry about nothing else!

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