Tips For Your Newborn’s First Bath: Sponge Bath

Tips For Your Newborn’s First Bath: Sponge Bath

19 Jan 2023 | 2 min Read

Dr Abhinav Pandey

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Your newborn’s first bath, first crawl, first word, first smile, are always very important as a parent. We always want to make sure that the baby is kept in the utmost care and love from the start.

Where parents love to bathe their newborns and click pictures of that joyful process, it’s necessary to do so daily. Until the baby starts crawling or is having an oil massage daily, it’s necessary to bathe them every day either with a sponge or with water.

When bathing your newborn for the first time make sure it’s a sponge bath. Pick a warm room where you can place your baby on a flat surface with a towel below him/her and bathe them with a sponge or a washcloth.

While bathing, do not forget the important areas; behind the ears, neck, knees, elbows, toes, fingers, belly button, buttocks, and clean the genital region carefully. Wash the face gently, as chemicals from milk build up and may cause rash. Make sure to rinse the eyelids with plain water/ wash cloth.

Always make sure you wash your baby’s hair at the end to prevent your baby from getting cold. Although newborns generally do not have much hair but is important to keep their head clean with a gentle sponge, no shampoo needed at this point. While doing so avoid water entering in eyes, if it enters and causes redness please consult your Pediatrician.

Post bathing, always pat dry your baby with a soft cloth and moisturize their skin with a baby-safe moisturizer. While moisturizing, pay special attention to the diaper area as it’s more prone to develop rashes due to diaper friction.

Besides all these tips even before you start bathing make sure you have post bathing supplies like a clean diaper, washed clothes, moisturizer, soft cloth/towel, baby powder, etc handy so you don’t have to leave your baby wet and open for long.

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