Tips On Selecting The Right Postpartum Wear

Tips On Selecting The Right Postpartum Wear

12 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

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Every new mum has her own way of adapting to her post-pregnancy body. During the early days after childbirth, some women may feel comfortable in loose and lightweight clothing. While some may feel their best in postpartum shapewear like postpartum belly bands or wraps for support. 

Here’s all you need to know about picking the right postpartum shapewear.

What Is Postpartum Shapewear?

Postpartum shapewear is usually made of nylon or spandex and is a compression garment that is designed to fit tightly around a woman’s midsection. It’s available in many different designs and styles for new mums.

Some of the most common shapewear for new mums include belly wraps, postpartum girdles, recovery belts, support belts and more. The main aim of shapewear is to provide support for the muscles in the new mum’s abdomen and spine irrespective of the style.

Does Postpartum Shapewear Work
Every woman’s post-pregnancy body takes its own time and way to heal and postpartum shapewear can be comforting / Credit – Pexels

Does Postpartum Shapewear Work?

If you are experiencing pelvic pain post-delivery, consult with a doctor or a physician who has expertise in postpartum healing. 
Postpartum shapewear has several benefits for new mums. Some common benefits of shapewear include:

  • Provides support for better mobility: Proper postpartum binding might help to reduce the time in the hospital by helping new mums quickly gain mobility after delivery. The recovery belts or belly bands can provide support to regain the abdominal strength needed to lift your newborn. 
  • Promotes recovery after childbirth: The recovery process from a cesarean section delivery can take longer than vaginal birth. Recovery belts and postpartum girdles can help manage the pain and distress of new mums after the surgery.
  • Supports the posture: Shapewear is a good way to help manage pain for new mums after delivery. The compression that offered by a girdle or belt can help them manage pelvic pain, lower back pain and cramping when used regularly.
  • Helps to improve confidence: The transition period from pregnancy to postpartum life can be challenging for most new mums. That’s when the gentle compression helps the mums feel more confident as their bodies heal. 

Types of Postpartum Belly Bands

Postpartum belly bands are also commonly referred to as postpartum shapewear or postpartum wraps. Since they come in different varieties, finding the most comfortable one may take a few trials and errors. Many of these postpartum bands are made of stretchy and soft materials such as nylon, viscose and spandex. Here are some of the most popular postpartum wear styles:

  • Belts: These are thinner belly bands compared to other types of wraps and fit around the area of the hips and belly.
  • Wraps: These are the belly bands that can wrap around the entire midsection, starting from the hips to the lower rib cage.
  • Multi-part bands: You can find some belly bands that have two or more bands and can be adjusted as per convenience to provide the right amount of compression required.

Picking The Right Shapewear

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you look for the right shapewear:

  • Avoid using postpartum shapewear made of stiffer materials and are normally less about healing and more about appearance.
  • Pick postpartum shapewear that meets your budgetary needs.
  • Choose postpartum wear that you are comfortable wearing regularly.
  • Get shapewear that’s easy to put on and take off safely.
  • Shop for bands, belts or girdles that are the right fit for your body type. 
  • When picking a postpartum belly band make sure that the postpartum belly band or wrap fits you properly and isn’t too constricting. 

The right postpartum wear helps provide support to the healing body after childbirth in the pelvic area and lower back region. Make sure that you first consult with your doctor before getting one for yourself. 

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