Top 10 Breeds Of Kid Friendly Dogs

Top 10 Breeds Of Kid Friendly Dogs

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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Adopting a dog is like picking out a new family member. So, don’t take this lightly, as proper research in choosing a new fur-baby is crucial, especially with kids in mind.

Here are the top 10 breeds you should consider

1. American Water Spaniel

A very active dog, originally bred for hunting, these dogs have to spend the whole day running around and are especially fond of water. Along with sporting a water-resistant coat, they’re great swimmers too ( Furry life-guards, Anyone? ). These canines are unusually warm to their masters, but wary of strangers at the same time, making them an excellent choice to have around your kid.

2. Basset Hound

Also a breed of hunting dogs, they’re a good choice for a family pet. A bit slower in their pace, they’re usually lazy around the house. Originally bred as pack dogs, they are extremely loyal to their owners and will always be there whenever called. Their adaptable medium size makes them perfect for any living space. Although loving and gentle, stubbornness is a downside as training them takes patience. Get ready to put in some extra time behind it if you’re planning to get one.

3. Beagles

These are comparatively smaller to the first two, yet highly energetic and make great family pets on account of being friendly. Beagles, like Basset Hounds, are very stubborn and also pack bred, yet they’ve been known to form strong bonds with humans, prominently children, due to the nursing instincts in the females.

4. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Known for being calm, goofy and large, they’re called “Gentle Giants”. This breed is easier to train, as their ancestors were originally used for farm work. Their large size might be a problem if you have limited living space, but it sure will be a great companion to your child.

5. Boston Terriers

Originally bred as fighting dogs, these are nicknamed “The American Gentleman”, owing to the tuxedo-like markings on their fur. Although bred for fighting in the past, these beasts are lovable and highly intelligent. Their small size contradicts the fact that they’re a bundle of energy and are never tired of playing.

6. Brittanys

Called Brittany Spaniels before the 80s, their friendly and fun-loving nature, coupled with the hyperactivity, makes them suitable for large families with multiple children. Constant activity for this breed is a necessity, as they’re extremely athletic. Although easy to train like the Bernese Mountain Dogs, they’re not trustworthy and cannot be left alone for long periods of time.

7. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed was originally bred to be the lapdog of the spaniel. If your kid loves giving constant physical attention to others, this is the perfect breed for him/her because cavaliers love being pampered and getting their belly rubbed. Great choice for a family with an active kid.

8. Curly-Coated Retriever

Like most other retrievers, the Curly-Coated is one of the most intelligent dogs on the list. They’re easy to care for, requiring only gentle grooming due to their short, curly coats. Originally bred in England, they look majestic and are a thing of beauty to have. Although not very playful, they might be the perfect protector to your child, like a wolf mother, as they’re characterised by being hostile to strangers in the beginning.

9. Golden Retriever

Often shown in Pedigree advertisements, this is your quintessential family dog and easily available too. One of the most popular breeds in the country, they’re all-around perfect, being smart, elegant and cheerful. They’re inviting to look at and approach, which might make your child less scared of them. If a big dog isn’t preferred, a young pup is recommended, giving your kid a companion to grow with.

10. Irish Wolfhound

This is the second gentle giant on this list. They have an ancestral history of being war dogs. But very much like the Boston Terrier, their origins can’t be guessed in today’s date. Very similar to Bernese Mountain Dogs in size and behaviour, they’re worth considering if your child loves playing with giant teddy bears.











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