Top 10 Foods When Your Baby Has A Cold

Top 10 Foods When Your Baby Has A Cold

18 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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You always have to be extra cautious around your tiny creations. As a new mother, you will find that even a scratch on your baby is a nightmare to you. Now imagine what would happen when your baby catches his/her first cold? It is unavoidable, but there are foods that will help put them at ease and eventually cure them.

1. Milk (till 6 months)

For babies younger than six months with a cold, it is advisable to feed them only breast milk or formula. At this point, they still aren’t able to digest any other food. Antibodies in breast milk help fight the cold.

2. Rice water soup (6-12 months)

Rice water helps boost the immune system of babies older than six months. Cook two tablespoon rice in two and a half cups of water until the rice is soft. After it cools down, mash the rice to make a thin, watery soup.

3. Turmeric milk (1+ year)

For a baby older than a year, you can provide turmeric milk. It is a natural antibiotic to get rid of cold and a dry throat. If your child is already on antibiotics, consult your paediatrician before feeding them this mixture.

4. Soups (1.5+ year)

Babies might lose their appetite due to an infection, but it is important to feed them with healthy food to make them strong. Aim at increasing their liquid intake. You can offer them clear vegetable soup or clear chicken soup to relieve symptoms like a dry throat and stuffy nose. You can also try a variation of soups with apple carrot soup, mutton soup, tomato soup or mushroom soup.

5. Apple mash (6-9 months)

Apples are nutritious and easily digestible for your baby. Peel the apple thoroughly and remove the core. Steam it so that it becomes soft and then grind it in a blender. Make an evenly mashed apple puree to treat your baby’s cold.

6. Pomegranate juice (6 months+)

Loaded with antioxidants, pomegranate makes one of the best fighting agents for your baby’s cold. You can add a little pepper or ginger in the juice to quicker healing.

7. Mashed potato (8 months+)

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and dietary fibre, which are essential to fight your baby’s illness. It is also a favourite amongst toddlers. Peel the potato and boil it until soft. Then mash the potato evenly and serve your baby.

8. Carrot juice (6 months+)

Carrots are known to boost the immune system, making them a must in your baby’s diet during a cold. You can also feed your child mashed carrots.

9. Honey with lukewarm water (8 months+)

Honey helps cure a sore throat and clear mucus. You can also give him honey lemon tea or simply honey with lukewarm water.

10. Vegetable khichdi (1 year+)

Khichdi is easily digestible and serves immediate effects. Add vegetables like carrots and tomatoes to make it more appealing and healthy for your child.

Cold is inevitable but treating cold in a healthy way with healthy food is the way out. With the given solutions, treating your baby’s cold will now be effortless and easy.











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