Top 10 Problems Couples Face In A Relationship

Top 10 Problems Couples Face In A Relationship

19 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Everyone wants to be in a perfect, happy and blissful relationship. Falling in love is easy, but it takes real effort, compatibility, and understanding to remain in love and sustain a relationship. In the present competitive world, people lead a very stressful and chaotic life.

Spending quality time together has become a rarity. Misunderstandings between couples (many “compatible” and “made for each other” couples included) are on a mercurial rise. An amalgamation of various factors, minor and silly to serious, are behind the troubled relationships.

1. All work and no love

Professional priorities have been affecting relationships like never before. Success should never be at the expense of a relationship. One needs to get their priorities right. Never prioritize one over the other (professional and personal life). It is important to maintain a healthy balance between one’s personal and the professional life.

2. When ego becomes more important than the relationship itself

This is a common problem that can wreak havoc in a relationship. What is worse, in most cases, is that the damage is beyond repair. Fights among couples are normal, and to some extent, healthy. The real problem arises when ego gets into it. The problem, if not nipped in the bud, can shred a relationship into pieces.

3. The past that overpowers the present

Enjoy every moment you get to spend with your partner. A lot of relationships suffer because people hold on to their past for long. It does not matter if the past was dark or beautiful. The present is what should matter the most in a relationship. Brooding over the past will not only affect the present but kill the future as well.

4. When people lack a mind of their own

Do not allow anyone’s opinion to affect your relationship. Friends, relatives, and well-wishers will have their apprehensions. Give them a patient hearing, but have a mind of your own. Do not fight with your partner just because a third person feels you are in a wrong relationship. If you know your partner is genuine, support and trust the person.

5. Insecurity, a problem much bigger that apprehended

Insecurity and jealousy have been affecting relationships since time immemorial. Be it in schools, colleges or workplace, having friends and colleagues of the opposite sex are very normal. Healthy jealousy is all fun and always welcomed, but one should know where to draw the line. Ideally, discuss the matter with your partner before the situation gets out of control.

6. When space becomes a thing of the past

If love and trust are important to make a relationship work, so is space. Space makes a relationship healthy and full of life. Many couples fall apart as they miss the much-needed space in their relationship. Your presence, care, and affection should not suffocate your partner. Love your partner, but give them space too. They have a life of their own.

7. Compromise should not be one-sided

All relationships require some amount of compromise. Unfortunately, many, if not all relationships, end up with one partner compromising all the time. Do not take your partner for granted. It is not the responsibility of one partner alone to maintain the relationship. The compromises should be from both the ends.

8. When a relationship gets materialistic

Some couples struggle because the person they loved cannot afford expensive gifts. No money or expensive gifts in the world can buy true love. Do not allow a temporary materialistic pleasure to kill your relationship forever.

9. Love is not all about sex

Some people get into a relationship to enjoy physical intimacy. Physical intimacy may be a part of a relationship, but it can never be the basis of a relationship. Respect and understand your partner. If they are not comfortable, do not force yourself upon them.

10. Never belittle your partner in front of your friends and colleagues

Your partner might have weaknesses and imperfections, but that does not give you the authority to mock them. Some people have the bad habit of mocking their partners in public. While it may be fun for you, your partner might find it derogatory.











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