Top 5 Maternity Trends You Need To Know Of

Top 5 Maternity Trends You Need To Know Of

14 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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We want to be updated about everything; be it an issue of Vogue or the latest trends in fashion. Women know which brands are hot gossips and which are going down the road. What shoes go with which dress, what purse to carry on various occasions, what brands are the most desirable, they know it all!

Well, then what happens when it comes to reveling in your motherhood? Becoming a mother is one of the most joyous things in your life, so you have to make sure that you keep up with the latest trends.

Here are top 5 maternity trends that you need to know of:

1. Go overboard with your clothing style

You are pregnant and can damn well do whatever you please. So go shop all those dresses you’ve always wanted to wear, (including some really good ethnic wears for your baby shower) and wear them. Doctors advise not to wear heels during pregnancy, but it is alright to wear them in the initial months. Do and wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. After all, pregnancy is all about feeling good about your own self.

2. Denim

Do not feel sorry even for a second that you are unable to fit into your old jeans. The classic denim pregnancy look is one of those things that you will fall in love with. Overalls and maternity jeans are available anywhere, or you can simply buy a bigger size to fit in. This trend is great for casual occasions and also takes care of your comfort level.

3. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are extremely stylish and all of us love them. They are comfortable and you can get dressed within minutes. It looks chic, fashionable and yet allows you to maintain a certain level of simplicity in your profile. Jumpsuits have become favorite attire among celebrities and we just cannot get over them.

4. Polka dots and Boho prints

Somewhere, anything that has polka dots on it is associated with kids. It looks extremely adorable when to-be-mothers walk out in such cute prints. Boho prints are back in fashion as they give you a 70s charm. A midi with polka dots or Boho print on it is sure to turn admiring eyes in your direction. Also, textured and patterned dresses are a raging maternity trend. Throw away all your plain simple clothing and try out something new!

5. The right shoes and jewelry

When it comes to accessorizing, be bold. Big and dandy accessories not only look good with ethnic wear but also go very well with casual wear. Plain boring clothing can suddenly become lively if you pick up the right accessories to go with it. When it comes to shoes, always look at your comfort. Most women face body pain or severe back pains in pregnancy and hence go for flats and shoes. Wear whatever best suits you and remember that you don’t need to be always making sense when it comes to fashion. After all, don’t the most eccentric things eventually become a trend?