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Top 5 Reasons To Preserve Your Babys Umbilical Cord

Top 5 Reasons To Preserve Your Babys Umbilical Cord

21 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Every parent desires a healthy future for their baby. When a woman discovers that she’s pregnant, she begins to eat nutritious food, exercise regularly and even visits her doctor at regular intervals, all of which ensure the baby is healthy in the womb. However, there is another essential step that can be taken in order to ensure the healthy future of the baby and the entire family.

Wondering what that could be? It is the simple step of signing up for Stem Cell Banking to preserve your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells at birth. If you’re asking yourselves why it needs to be done, here are the top reasons why preserving your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells can be the best gift you can give to your baby and yourselves.

1. Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity

Every baby’s umbilical cord is a rich source of stem cells. These stem cells are master cells that can act as building blocks for our entire body. When collected from a baby’s umbilical cord at birth and preserved, these stem cells can be used to treat various medical conditions, owing to their ability to both repair and replace damaged cells. This presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a healthy future for your baby and family

2. Easy And Quick To Collect

Umbilical cord stem cells are very easy and quick to collect. Soon after a baby’s birth, the umbilical cord is clamped and the cord blood and cord tissue are collected. This doesn’t pose any risk for the mother or the baby. The collected samples are sent to a lab, where they are processed and preserved.

3. Their Use Has Been Tried and Tested

In the past 50 years, stem cells have been used in over 1.3 million transplants. Every year, over 50,000 transplants take place across the globe. Apart from these,there are also 500+ clinical trials that are presently underway using stem cells for conditions such as stroke, type 1 diabetes, acquired hearing loss and so on.

4. Trusted By Doctors

In treatments, umbilical cord stem cells are the most preferred by doctors due to factors such as the quality of the stem cells, better matching flexibility and lower rates of rejection in patients.

5. Otherwise Expensive If Sourced From Outside

If there is a need for stem cells in the family from a public stem cell bank, the cost of acquisition would be about Rs.15 – 20 Lakhs. However, if you have already preserved your baby’s stem cells at birth, at a cost of Rs. 60,000, you needn’t pay a penny for the stem cells when in need.

We hope that this article has convinced you about the benefits of preserving your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells. You and your baby deserve only the best, so a little bit of research found us a stem cell bank that satisfies all the safety and trustowrthy requirements – LifeCell. Amongst many services offered by LifeCell, stem cell banking is one. They promise no additional costs for you to be a part of community banking and there’s also no restriction on the number of times you can withdraw from the bank.

Babies definitely bring hope and joy into a family. With this, we assure you that babies can be a source of good health too. Spread the word so more people can follow this useful and life-saving practice.











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