Top 7 Contemporary Names For Your Baby

Top 7 Contemporary Names For Your Baby

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Don’t worry, we understand your confusion completely. A child’s name is the most confusing thing to settle on during pregnancy and why not! After all a name is not just a label but an aspect of identity that remains with a person for the rest for her or his life and it is an important thing to dedicate time to. Every parent wishes her child’s name to reflect her beliefs or values in life. It is a way through which your child understands her sense of existence and hence it must have your essence for well, you’re the creater here.

So let us not waste time and get to the point here. Today’s article is to help you out with 7 baby names that are not only meaningful but also quite popular right now.

Ready to check out our picks of the day? Here they are:


It’s a name that’s been in trend for years. It means “little king” which we’re sure you’ll definitely relate to in case you have a boy as every son is the centre of the universe of his parents. It also indicates he’ll be a conquerer and we’re sure you’re going to raise him as one. Sounds stylish, doesn’t it? Think about it!


Dea means “light” and in case you have a daughter, raise her to be a woman that decides to work towards spreading the light of love and positivity around her. Such a short yet an apt name for a girl that indicates her power and strength, right?


Now if you’re obssessed with giving your child a name with the letter ‘A’, think about Akhil as your choice for a moment. It means “entire”. Do we need to say more now?


Sara is an eternally golden name that is not in trend but is also poetic and hence music to the ears. It means “princess” and yes, your daughter will live like one, we’re 100% sure.


Kamya is “beautiful”. In case you have a daughter, raise her with a beautiful heart that goes on to be kind to others around. This name is synonymous to beauty, kindness and humanity and we’re sure your baby girl will go one justify her name one day.


Bhuv is “sky”. Sky is something that has various shades. It gives us light when we fight darkness, rain when we feel exhausted with life, thunder when we need somebody to remind of the almighty above and wind when we need fresh air to breathe in our personal problems. In case you have a Bhuv, you’ll have a giver and nothing else is worth feeling more blessed for, we feel.

Obviously, the suggestions are ours and but the decision is yours. Hope you liked our choices.











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