6 Top Benefits Of Giving Kids Choices

6 Top Benefits Of Giving Kids Choices

27 Jun 2022 | 3 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 500 Articles

Parenting can be challenging so making decisions and imposing them on children might feel like the right thing to do. However, not giving kids choices can be a barrier to preparing them for adulthood. 

Giving choices is a powerful step that can go a long way. Be it a simple choice like picking what they want for lunch or what they want to wear, the idea is to empower them.

Why Is It Important To Give Children Choices?

1. Helps to build confidence

Being able to make decisions is an important way to build confidence. When you give your child the power to choose what they want or like, it builds their confidence. Your child will be able to build positive decision-making skills. This will help them get through adolescence and adulthood with confidence.

2. Teaches kids responsibility

By incorporating small choices into your children’s daily routine, you can teach them to be responsible for their actions. Let your primary schooler decide whether he/she wants to do his homework or do his chores first. Your child will realise that there are long-term consequences associated with the choice. 

Giving kids the freedom to make choices makes them independent and problem solvers  / Credit – Unsplash

3. Builds problem-solving skills

Each decision taken by your child may not have a positive outcome and when there’s an undesired response, your child learns to make better decisions next time. For instance, if a  child decides to wear his/her favourite pants in the muddy park and it gets ruined, they will remember to avoid making that decision next time.

As parents, it is our job to give children the space to develop confidence, get creative and have control over their bodies right from a young age. This will help them become strong and empathetic.

4. Boosts creativity

Creativity and abstract thinking skills get boosted when the child is free to make choices. Children tend to be more creative than adults so avoid being authoritative as it constrains their creative thinking skills.

Give your child a choice between playing games, doing chores and picking their clothes so they understand the importance of each one of them / Credit – Unsplash

5. Makes them feel valued

Your child’s choice is as valuable as your own. Many parents tend to overlook the aspect of making their children feel valued. However, it is important for parents to acknowledge their value and a step to doing that is by recognising the small choices that they make. It will make them feel empowered. 

6.  Helps children become efficient

When a child is given the flexibility to decide for themselves, they tend to accomplish more. When children are given choices, they show fewer tantrums as they feel they have control over what they want. Plus, they also feel empowered and thus perform better at any task. 

Insider Club Mom Sonam Jain says, “Life is about choices you make, so why not start young. I feel offering choices eases out the parenting process for you, gives a clear idea to your child and at the same time helps the child to make a decision for himself. It’s a growth step for them, it makes them feel they have control over what they do, and making a good choice is a skill that children will use for the rest of their life.

It is crucial to give children choices in the everyday decisions they make. It teaches children to be more responsible, critical thinkers, and become creative. 











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