Twins Everything You Need To Know Or Identifying

Twins Everything You Need To Know Or Identifying

5 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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It’s all fun and games till you know you’re pregnant with a child, but the real fun is knowing that you’ve got a twin pregnancy! It is one of the rarest things to happen and you’re lucky if you have twins.

Dealing with twins requires a lot of patience because everything you do has to be done twice. Things like feeding, buying diapers, putting your baby to sleep..everything just doubles! But the pleasure you get out of doing those things is immense.

1.Physical Examination

When it comes to the physical aspects, even the monozygotic twins (identical twins of the same gender) don’t have the same physical characteristics. They can be distinguished by their moles, birthmarks or even by the shape of their eyes!

Monozygotic twins can also be differentiated by the size of their heads too! The way they are given birth to, it may produce babies with different head shapes. Soon you will be able to identify who is who if you pay close attention to the physical cues.

2. By the kinds of clothes they wear

Although identical twins look alike, they often look different when they are dressed up. Parents need to remember that twins have to be dressed in certain colors. Like if you dress Seeta in red, yellow, green, Geeta has to be dressed in pink, purple or blue!

Picking different patterns for your babies is a good option too! If Seeta is dressed in bows Geeta can be dressed in stripes!

3.Paint one of their toenails

It is important to tell your twins apart so that you don’t accidentally feed one of them twice or change the wrong twin’s diaper! Painting one nail is a great and an effective way to distinguish between your babies.

4.Understand your baby’s personality

One you’re used to your twins, you might not even need physical cues to identify your babies. Even if your twins are the exact replica of each other, their personality will be different from each other.

Like one of them..say Ram sleeps soundlessly whereas Sham stays up all night crying and screaming endlessly. As they grow up their personalities become more distinguishable and it will be easy for you to tell them apart!











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