Understanding Child Development 0 6 Months Xyz

Understanding Child Development 0 6 Months Xyz

20 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Babies are born smart. They are quick learners and they can adapt to the environment easily with the help of their senses. Their brains are active and growing, and that’s why you might find few babies that begin talking and trying to communicate using gazes, noises and sounds a little before the usual time.

By this time they are able to strengthen their muscles and tend to support their own body, especially when it comes to their head and other locomotives. There is visual stimulation, an attempt to talk and other forms of interactions that help a baby to understand what the world really looks like!

So, here are a few basic developmental aspects of your baby to help you understand them better.


Babies are smart and their brains are constantly developing way more than you think. Gradually, they begin to develop a sense of forming connections with familiar faces. Yes, they can recognize you from the very beginning. Using their ‘memory’, they can adapt to various routines of the day.

They have a fixated attention.Their eyes widen upon exposure to bright light and certain bright colored objects. It helps in enhancing their confidence, focus and attention.

2. Social, emotional and personal

Your baby is trying to establish a form of an attachment with you in order to feel safe and protected in the environment. They generally recognize their primary caregivers by their smell, sight and sound.

Start playing with your baby and get him/her to understand your touch. It will not only help you get familiar with them, but will boost the sense of security and safety in your child.

In the end, they just need love, kisses and plenty of cuddles to be able to begin trusting the surroundings and form bonds with familiar people.

3. Motor and physique

Your baby’s muscles are really tender and not well built at this age. In order to help them strengthen their muscles, they should be encouraged to play more floor games to help the development of the core muscles.

Kicking and squatting movements are known to help strengthen the muscle in their limbs.

Having bright and vivid-colored toys will grab their attention and they would turn their neck as you move it. So, this is a kind of exercise, which helps in the development of neck muscles.

Although they aren’t born with well-developed motor skills, they are able to grasp or hold onto your hand with their little fingers. They have good reflexes that way.

4. Speech and communication

A little smile is the first kind of communication that your baby is trying to establish to get to you. Although there is still time for your baby to actually start speaking, you as a parent need to start talking to your baby using the regular kind of speech. It will help them develop the urge to speak and understand you better.

They say a baby is born with great listening skills. They can be enhanced in such a way that it will help them start talking or, at the most, babbling. That’s exactly why moms sing lullabies, poems and songs for their babies.

5. The world and your baby

During this period, babies have the tendency to reach for objects and they experience a sheer thrill when they are trying to explore it on their own.

They look forward to repeated signs, sounds or even actions for that matter because they find it amusing. They will want to roll around and explore the space they are put in.

They are easily drawn to known faces and they love trying to communicate with others, especially their family members.











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