Understanding Natural Organic And Ayurvedic Products Xyz

Understanding Natural Organic And Ayurvedic Products Xyz

27 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Nature is wonderful, especially when you realize that it is the one providing you with bountiful gifts – all those delicious red apples you see on the trees in the wild or that random tamarind you see hanging down from a lush green tree!

We, humans, are extremely impatient. That’s how we were made and by nature, we are pretty anxious and eager. Therefore, we induce chemicals into our food products to hasten the process of its growth. Not to forget the enhancement of the sweetness of the king of all fruits.

They all claim it is 100% ‘natural’ but you never know till you learn about what’s real and what’s artificially induced. So, here’s a guide to know what’s natural, organic, ayurvedic.

Natural Products

Everything you obtain from nature, which has been untouched by humans and chemicals can be claimed as natural. For example, plucking an orange from the tree would be natural and squeezing out it’s juice without adding any preservatives/sugar is also considered natural. Thus, anything that requires minimal processing and is not induced by synthetic chemicals from the origin can be termed as natural. Like, the mangoes you pluck from a random tree you see next to a road may not be artificially induced by chemicals or may require minimal processing. However, it is all termed as natural.

Natural products require few ingredients and the juices that claim they are 100% natural, are they really so? Make sure you read the ingredients before you buy any claimed ‘pure juices’.

Organic Products

This is a concept that is not so new to us. These food products are slightly more expensive than the regular items. The fruits and veggies are grown in farms, which don’t use synthetic fertilizer, but use natural fertilizers.

They strictly use organic substances like manure, which is nothing but a composition of cow dung, fruit and vegetable leftovers and other human wastes. These aid in the betterment of the plantations and keep it healthy.

When it comes to meat, the meat-yielding animals are injected with chemicals, which make them look robust and fuller. But, that’s not right. Although their meat tastes the same, in the end, the chemicals are absorbed by the muscles. So, it makes no sense if you’re consuming food full of chemicals. You’re basically putting your health at risk at this rate.

These products appear smaller in size and have their own authentic taste. Even if it is priced slightly higher than the regular foods, it is worth all your money. Not only will it enrich your system, but it will also aid in keeping your body healthy.

Organic vegetables, fruits and even meat products are available throughout the country for consumption.

It is deemed useless for the consumers because it has always been linked with natural products. But is it convenient for you to pluck veggies and fruits for your everyday consumption? Since it is not, why don’t you give this a shot once in a while?

Ayurvedic Products

The moment you think about ayurvedic products, you are immediately reminded of all natural and affordable products that are doing well in the markets. These are generic medicines that come into consideration when we think about it. Ayurveda is one of the oldest practices born in our country.

These products have healing factors, which enhance the functionality of the entire human body. Ayurveda was developed more than 3,000 years ago and is based on a belief that the wellness of an individual is dependent on the balance between the mind, body and soul.

Anyhow, there has not been much insight about the ingredients they have been using in their medicines and other products. But there’s something about the fragrance that these products have. If that’s what pulls you to use these products, go ahead and buy them!

However, you do have to know that fragrance comes from ‘esther’, which is a chemical compound and it is synthetic by nature. But since you find it appealing, you tend to use it. There’s not much harm if it is being used in safe proportions.

Make yourself aware of the products that you’re buying. Be a smart shopper than just another regular one! Empower and enrich your minds with the awareness of these things and if the product is really what it claims to be.