8 Decorative And Useful Items To Add To Your Baby’s Nursery

8 Decorative And Useful Items To Add To Your Baby’s Nursery

26 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

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The nursery is your baby’s first home and a place from where their learning and growth begin. It should be safe, calming and fun, to keep your baby happy and healthy. Add some cute decorative pieces to organise your little one’s space.

Besides being colourful, cosy, and cute, your baby’s room also needs to be comfortable and functional so you can take care of your baby’s needs without any hassles.

Check out these baby room decoration ideas to create a cosy and comfortable space for your little one and you.

8 Decorative and Useful Items to Add to Your Baby’s Nursery

1. Mirror

Let your baby catch a glimpse of their own reflections and watch them glee with a mirror around. You can find them in different shapes and colours. You can either choose a set of wall mirrors or a handheld mirror to play with your baby. 

The repetitive movements reflected in the mirror give babies the subconscious ability to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not.

2. Set Up a Diaper Station

Diapers become a part of your baby’s early life so it is a good idea to invest in a diaper station. You can even make a DIY diaper station by repurposing a kitchen cart. Not just diapers, organise all of your diaper-changing stuff, including wipes, toiletries, diaper cream, baby oils, burp cloths and more in a way that you can easily reach them.

3. Wall Mounted Book Racks and Toy Racks

Use shelf or hooks to organise and decorate your baby’s room / Credit – Pinterest

4. A Mini Crib or Cot

If you are looking for baby nursery ideas for small rooms, then getting a mini movable crib or a cot is a wise thing to do. You can make your baby sleep comfortably while also being able to fold it down easily if you need to move it elsewhere.

Throw in some colourful bedsheets and baby safe crib hanging decor items to let your baby play and learn.

5. Make a Growth Chart

Add a growth chart on the wall to decorate and track your little one’s growth / Credit – Pinterest

Your baby grows quicker than you can think of. That’s where a growth chart helps you track his or her height.

You can either pick a wall sticker chart, or a wooden chart that also works as a decor piece.

6. Maximize Storage

Keeping the room cluttered could be dangerous as you will be handling your baby during those sleepless nights, a toy, book, or any other baby item lying around could cause you to trip and put both you and your baby at risk. Having a convenient storage unit near your baby will not make you go far each time you need something for the baby. This is particularly needed for those tiring days and nights during your baby’s first year.

Get transparent plastic storage boxes to organise toiletries, toys and other supplies. You can even place them under the crib so that you can easily access them anytime.

7. Toys

Needless to say, toys make your baby’s space vibrant and lively. Your baby responds to noises and looks at colours and hence you can get toys accordingly.

Your baby will not be able to hold or play with all the toys but to add some brightness to the space, you can pick stuffed toys and coloured blocks.

Do not go overboard though, as it can make the room cluttered. Also, do not keep soft toys in the crib for your baby’s safety during the sleeping hours.

8. Curtains

Curtains block the light to let the baby sleep comfortably while also enhancing the room’s look / Credit – Pinterest 

Curtains help to block out light and keep distractions away from your baby. They are important to let your baby sleep peacefully. However, pick curtains made of natural materials and steer clear of synthetic polymers which are toxic and can have risks of allergies.

Try these easy baby room decoration ideas to brighten up your little munchkin’s space.











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