Video 5 Tips To Deal With Sleep Talking In Children Xyz

Video 5 Tips To Deal With Sleep Talking In Children Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Does your child suddenly start speaking in the middle of the night? Or even start screaming while you think they are sleeping? And then when you try to talk to them they wake up and ask you what happened? Well if your child does these things while sleeping then s/he is suffering from a sleeping disorder called Sleep talking.

Though this disorder is a common occurrence in young children, it can also spoil their sleep and get noisy and annoying for you too. Thus, to help you help your child deal with this order, we would like to suggest some methods-

1. Sleep Schedule

Most of the sleeping disorders happen in children because of abrupt and uncertain sleeping habits. Sleeping at different times does not allow their body and mind to rest properly and thus some complications happen.

2. No late night eating

Sleep talking also occurs when the early digestion process is happening and for that, the brain has to provide high amounts of energy along with functioning of the other organs. Thus, it is suggested to give dinner to your bundle of joy 2-3 hours before sleep-time.

3. Sleep Duration

Another thing that affects the child’s sleeping habits and results in sleep disorders is the amount of sleep the child has. Sometimes, parents wake their child up before the child has had his/her complete sleep which disrupts their sleep schedule. So, it is important that you let them have the ideal amount of sleep.

4. An active day is the best day

Most of the sleep disorders happen before REM sleep which is the deepest phase of sleep. Generally, it takes more time to reach the REM sleep stage but if you have had an active and tiring day then the process is accelerated.

5. Ventilated and comfortable sleeping space

Instead of you waking up your baby, their brain should automatically judge the waking up time. For that to happen, there should be proper ventilation in his/her room and a good amount of sunlight should come during day time. The sunlight will help the brain process it and wake up the child accordingly.

Sleep disorders are a common occurrence in children and thus should not be taken as something to be worried about much. Generally, children stop having these disorders once they grow up and reach their teen years. But if you think the problem is out of control then do not hesitate to go to the doctor.











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