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Video Crazy Things Babies Do In Wombs Xyz

Video Crazy Things Babies Do In Wombs Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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Babies are in the womb, growing and getting bigger for 9 months in the womb. But what do they do in there? Do they just sleep forever until they get out? Do they cry? Do they eat or drink? We all know the normal things – babies are growing and developing, learning how to move their fingers and toes, and sometimes even sucking their thumbs. Well, we also have a list of other things babies do in their mother’s wombs that may shock you! Read on.

1. Getting scared – Babies can get scared when the mother or someone else near her sneezes, or because of any loud, sudden noise.

2. Hiccuping – Babies can hiccup when they’re in the womb. And when they do, moms can feel the belly jumps that happen!

3. Tasting mom’s dinner – that’s right, babies can taste their mom’s dinner. Although not as direct food, whatever food goes to the baby through the placenta can be tasted by the baby.

4. Peeing – This might sound disgusting, but babies can actually pee in their mother’s womb. What is even worse? Babies even drink it!

5. Crying – Think of this as practice for the outside world when the baby comes out. Babies can actually cry in the womb, except that you can’t hear it. Because there’s no way of hearing.

6. Hearing – Babies can hear. In the womb. Without fully developed ears. Wrap your head around that. So your baby can actually hear your heartbeat, when you walk, talk exercise or burp.

7. Seeing – Babies can open their eyes inside the womb and can perceive light from the outside. Their eyes first open between 26 to 28 weeks. Their vision might be blurry, but they can definitely sense a bright ray of the sun or a flashlight pointed at them.

8. Holding in their poop – Yep, babies hold in their poop until their birth. Their first poop is made up of skin, hair, bile, proteins, WBCs.











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