Video How To Correctly Massage Your Baby For Their Proper Growth Xyz

Video How To Correctly Massage Your Baby For Their Proper Growth Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Giving birth is a great power and as some intelligent person once said: “With great power comes great responsibilities”. It is our responsibility to do the best for our children and bring out the best in them. In order to bring out the best we not only have to help them mentally and emotionally but also physically. A baby’s development depends mostly on the first few years of their life and thus it becomes really important to take care of them during this period and do everything that can be done to help them grow.

Massaging babies has a lot of benefits and is somewhat an important thing for them as it helps stretch their muscles, improves blood flow and even relaxes the tension in the body parts while helping the baby’s body adjust better to the world. But, massaging a baby is an art in itself and if not done properly, it might be bad for the baby and they might become more cranky than usual because of the discomfort.

There are some important parts of a baby’s body which need to be massaged properly and carefully. Now let us try to understand the way of massaging starting from the child’s legs.

1. Leg Massage

Take some oil in your hand, rub it between your hands a bit and then starting from the baby’s thighs massage till their ankles. Repeat the process by going up to the thigh again and then massaging it down. This will help the muscles grow in the right direction.

2. Feet Massage

While massaging the baby’s feet and especially the bottom of the feet, use your thumb to massage the feet in a circulatory motion. This will help increase and even out the blood flow in the feet.

3. Toe Massage

Sometimes, the toes of a baby might get some muscle cramps, thus, while massaging the baby’s toes, gently pull each toe towards you and do it until it starts slipping from your hands. This will help improve the blood flow in the toes and relax the muscles.

4. Hands Massage

Just like the legs, massage the hands in the same way. Start from the shoulders and massage till the wrist. Then again go back to the shoulder and repeat. This will help give direction to the baby’s hand muscles and will also improve the blood flow.

5. Chest and Stomach Massage

Gently rub the baby’s chest and stomach from inside out or even in a circular motion. This will help with decongestion and digestion of the baby.

6. Back Massage

Make the baby lie down on his/her stomach so that their back is facing you. Then starting from their backbone, gently massage their back outwards. It will help broaden your child’s back and chest and will help simulate blood in the back.

7. Face and Head Massage

Take some oil in your hand and gently massage the baby’s face. Take care near the eye area and while massaging the cheeks move from below to the above and not the other way around. While massaging the head, use your fingers instead of your palms and gently rub all over the head.

Massage has a lot of benefits for not only babies but adults too. But, babies need it more as massage helps in their growth. Also, remember to use a good oil and take care that the oil does not irritate your child.











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