Weekend Plans With Your Family Xyz

Weekend Plans With Your Family Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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After all that toiling around through the week, you and your family need a way to just relax and unwind over the weekend. Don’t feel like calling up your friends? In the mood for some quality time with your house mates? Here are some funtastic ways to spend your weekend:

A culture study

Pick a new cuisine to try out with your kid. Before you go to the restaurant, have them read up about the place or read it out to them. Show them where this place is on a map. A brief history and geography lesson would help them to really grasp the concept of the type of cuisine you are about to try. You could even travel to the said destination and fully explore its culture.


Get them to give back to society in any little way they can. This could be by visiting an orphanage and getting to know the children there. Or you could even visit a pet shelter and perhaps bring a pet home. You could even help them plant trees outside and teach them how to care for them.

Magic tricks

One of the best and most fun ways to give a science lesson to your kids would be by using a magic trick. First, demonstrate the magic trick and allow them to marvel in wonder. You can then teach them the trick and ask them to try it out on your partner. You could then teach them the concept of optical illusions.

Go out for a movie

This is one of the most convenient and fun ways to spend your weekend with family. Splurge on some nice hot buttery popcorn to sit back and enjoy your movie with the fam!

Outdoor games

Get your fab fam to step outside for some fun in the sun! You could play a game of catch, monkey, lagori or badminton. There are countless fun games you can play outside so you would be sure not to get bored.

Get cooking

It is always fun to try out new recipes. It gets even more enjoyable when you do so with your family! Get everyone into the kitchen and prepare something everyone agrees on. The most fun part is after you are done the cooking. Everyone would be so tired that they would scarf it down even if it doesn’t taste great.

There you have it – 6 fun ways to spend your weekend with your kids. Do share this article if you liked it! 🙂