What Does Exercise Actually Do To Your Body Xyz

What Does Exercise Actually Do To Your Body Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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Okay, everyone says you have to exercise. Fair enough. You need to stay fit, healthy and active! But what actually happens when you exercise? Like, what happens to your body, what does each part experience? Apart from increasing your heart rate and making you sweat, that is.

1. Your heart rate increases.

Well, of course. Your body needs to push blood and oxygen quickly to its muscles, so your heart rate increases. Once you start training regularly, your resting heart rate may get lower, as your heart will become efficient at supplying blood and oxygen.

2. You burn calories.

So, when your body breaks down your food, it turns them into ATP. The ATP is then converted into ADP, giving off energy in the process and allowing muscles to contract and move. That is literally the origin of the phrase “burning calories”.

3. Your body heats up.

When your body burns calories, your body temperature rises, and you sweat. The sweat is your body’s way to dissipate heat, which allows your body to work out without overheating.

4. Your digestion can go haywire.

Well, you must definitely have experienced the sudden urge to go to the bathroom after starting a run or a workout. That’s because all your blood and oxygen is focused on other muscles. This might lead to diarrhea, which is the reason doctors advise you not to eat at least an hour before your exercise.

5. Your brain gets a level up!

Aerobic activities have been shown to improve your thinking skills and memory. This is probably because there’s increased blood flow during exercise. Brain growth also gets a boost when you work out!

6. Happy hormones!

There is a noticeable spike in adrenaline and cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This indicates that the body is in the “flight mode”. You get something called the “runner’s high”. The hormones have been known to cut muscle pain and improve your mood.

7. Muscle stretch!

Your muscles are stressed, but in a good way. You may get a few micro tears, but they aren’t harmful. They actually contribute to muscle growth over time!











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