What Is It Really Like Inside The Womb Find Out! Xyz

What Is It Really Like Inside The Womb Find Out! Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7kaw40pPYw]

Parents often find themselves talking to the baby inside the womb – ‘Hi baby, Is it warm in there?’, ‘Is it dark?’, ‘I’m here for you’. If only your baby could respond back. But it must be a sense of comfort that your baby can certainly listen and respond to whatever you say. Your baby can sense information from many parts of the body. Babies even develop a sense of taste and smell. In fact, the life of a fetus in a womb is busier than you were led to believe.

We’re sure there were more than a few times when you wondered what your baby might be feeling in the womb? Or what s/he may be up to? This video is the answer to all your questions.

How did we come upon this earth? The miracle of life still remains a mystery for a lot of people. Of all things nature has to offer, the gift of life is still considered the most amazing one. A few years ago, a video like this would’ve been impossible. But with the help of modern science by using ultrasounds and other high-tech tools, it is possible for you to know every small detail that happens to your baby when s/he is in the womb.

Once an egg is fertilized by the sperm in the ovaries, many cells are produced at a fast rate. These cells are what eventually develop into a baby.

As the baby is developing, it gets required oxygen through the placenta. Your baby’s lungs are filled with air only after birth.

As you probably already know, the baby gets its nutrition from the umbilical cord. So, take care of what you eat because you’re actually eating for two.

Every time you feel a kick or any sort of movement it suggests that your baby is super active and moving around in the womb.

Sucking the thumb, sneezing, peeing, hiccoughing and yawning are few of many things your baby is doing to keep herself busy in the womb.

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