What It’S Like To Breastfeed In Public Moms Confess Xyz

What It’S Like To Breastfeed In Public Moms Confess Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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There are a lot of breastfeeding positivity posts that you see all over the internet with celebrities always promoting breastfeeding in public and its benefits. But breastfeeding is a joy you’ll understand better only if you’ve experienced it yourself.

A lot of moms tend to hesitate when it comes to breastfeeding in public. It might be because they’re self-conscious or they’re scared of what others think of them. Want to hear few such breastfeeding-in-public-experiences from real moms?

1. A pleasant surprise

‘I was nursing my newborn son in a cafe when this woman started complaining loudly. I got ready to leave when the waiter came over and offered me a complimentary coffee and loudly said – “I’m sorry you had to listen to such unpleasantness early in the morning!”’ – Madhu, 29.

This is the sort of self-confidence boost any breastfeeding mom would appreciate.

2. It’s up to you

‘The first time I breastfed in public, I was travelling on a train and my baby started crying. I breastfed him but I covered up the entire time using my dupatta. After I reached home, I thought about it the whole night. Why did I cover up? Isn’t it natural? I see so many women breastfeeding without covering up but why couldn’t I? Then I decided that it doesn’t matter. If a mom is more comfortable breastfeeding her child by covering up using a blanket or a dupatta, or if she breastfeeds without anything in her way then that’s her will and wish. It shouldn’t be a matter of guilt or body-shaming’ – Bhooma, 32.

3. There’s nothing sexual about it

‘When my friends talked about awkward experiences they faced while breastfeeding in public, It sounded foreign to me because I’d never gone through any of those that is until this one day in Delhi when a guy straight-up stared at me for the entire time I breastfed. I even tried inclining my body away from him but nope, nothing worked. I wanted so badly to shout ‘I’m FEEDING my baby. This is what breasts are made for. Not for a pervert like you to stare at’, But I didn’t; I walked away. Since that day I’ve been careful enough to access the surroundings for any creeps before breastfeeding.’ – Aliya, 30.

4. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate

‘India is a country where nursing stations are few to non-existent. So when I heard this guy say “Why do you do that in front of everyone? Why couldn’t you do that before you left home?”, I lashed out. Well, because one – that’s not how breastfeeding works. You can force-feed your baby according to your convenience. And two – find me a nursing station in this supermarket and I’ll be happy to get my breast out of your face. And the worst part is that I was sitting in a chair in a corner and breastfeeding when he walked in front of me and said this. If he had such a problem with it, why even walk that way?’ – Taruna, 35.

No matter what, mommies, breastfeeding is a beautiful and wonderful experience that has no right to criticism. Do your thang and try not to worry about other people’s opinions on it.











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