What Kind Of Dad Is Your Husband

What Kind Of Dad Is Your Husband

19 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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Your husband is great at being a husband and he ticks all of the boxes. He is sensitive and caring and just knows how to make you smile. When your baby comes along, life tilts on it’s axis and everything changes. Needless to say, your husband changes too. How ever he is to you, he is completely different to the child. There are 5 kinds of dads, which kind is he?

1.The Helicopter Papa

This father cares about the child so much, he just won’t go away, not for one minute. He will hover over the child, much like a helicopter. He will tend to the child’s every need voluntarily and will love the responsibility.

2.The Workaholic Dad


Once the little baby has arrived, this kind of dad will feel pressured into working harder to provide for the kid. He may be consumed with work to a point where he finds no time even for himself.

3.The Braggy Bapu


This kind of dad’s heart is filled with pride at the thought of his child. If he could, he’d put his kid right up there with the seven wonders for the entire world to ooh and aah over. His baby is his dream come true!

4.The Disaster Daddy

This disaster prone daddy warms our hearts. He tries his very best but somehow, someway, everything he touches goes to hell. He wakes up to feed the child and spills all of the milk, he tries to change the diaper but ends up in a sticky situation.

5.The Sporty Pop


Sports is his thing and he’s the one to go to if your child needs to pick up a new skill. Jack of all trades, this kind of daddy is all about self improvement and he makes sure his kid is the best at whatever he does.











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