What Makes Ginger Such A Useful Spice?

What Makes Ginger Such A Useful Spice?

7 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Ginger, scientific name Zingiber officinale, belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, is a spice of great value. Not only does it make a dish more palatable, but ginger is also known for its medicinal value and health benefits. From various cuisines to alcoholic beverages and tea, the utility of this wonder spice is immense. Ginger is loaded with bioactive compounds and vital nutrients which is channelized to treat various health problems listed below.

Ginger for a proper digestion of food

It is a known fact that the sugar level tends to elevate after a meal thereby interfering with the digestion process. The ginger helps not only in the proper absorption of the vital nutrients from the food but also in regulating the sugar level (maintains it within the healthy range) ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted digestion of food.

Ginger to keep cancer at bay

Gingerol is one of the organic compounds present in ginger. Gingerol is of great therapeutic significance. Various research suggests that gingerol has anti-carcinogenic properties especially preventing colorectal cancer. It is also found to trigger cell death (apoptosis of the cancerous cells and tumours) in the case of ovarian cancer.

Gingerols are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties and are often used to treat inflammations in the body and the pain and the discomfort associated with it. People suffering from osteoarthritis and joint pain can also benefit from the use of ginger. In fact, ginger is an excellent herb that is known to improve the bone health to a great extent.

1. A recent finding suggests that ginger may have anti-diabetic properties. If true (research is still going on to prove its credibility), this will indeed be path-breaking benefitting many diabetic patients worldwide.

2. Menstrual cramps can jeopardize life to a great extent. For some women, it is an every month affair. One of the underlying factors responsible for the menstrual cramps is the elevated levels of the prostaglandin hormone. The use of ginger can work wonders to lower down the level of prostaglandin, thereby providing relief from the menstrual cramps.

3. The regular use of ginger powder (or as the doctor recommended) can play a significant in relieving the migraine pain and the associated discomfort.

4. Morning sickness is one of the many discomforts associated with pregnancy. Here too, ginger comes as the saviour. Yes, you heard it right! Ginger is very effective against nausea, a characteristic feature associated with both morning sickness as well as motion sickness.

5. If flu and the associated symptoms have been giving you sleepless nights, ginger is what you need. Used in many cough syrups, ginger, as stated earlier, brings about a significant reduction in the level of the prostaglandin, the hormone responsible for inducing body cramps, fever, headache (flu-like symptoms).

6. Ginger can be of great help for people battling stress, anxiety, and depression.

7. Ginger also helps in detoxifying the body of the harmful chemicals and toxins.

8. Ginger is a useful remedy that helps to improve the conditions of diarrhoea, excess gas formation in the body, as well as stomach cramps and spasms.

9. Ginger comes as a blessing for people with low sexual activity. Ginger (an aphrodisiac) can be instrumental in enhancing sexual desires and activity.











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