What This Father Did After His Child Was Born Will Melt Your Heart Xyz

What This Father Did After His Child Was Born Will Melt Your Heart Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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After the miracle called childbirth, mothers are given all the glory. And rightly so. After pouring all their blood, sweat and tears into the birth of her precious one, they surely deserve it. But sometimes, we also have to focus our attention towards fathers, who often don’t take the spotlight.

This is exactly what photographer Jaydene Freund does for a living. She recently visited a Canadian hospital to capture the birth of a baby, and the mother asked her to turn her focus on her husband instead of her, and the results are incredible!

Operation Successful?

According to Jaydene, who photographs births for a living, says that just as every mother approaches her delivery differently, each father also approaches the birth of his child differently. “Sometimes, when their partners in labour are in extreme pain, and the fathers are utterly helpless, they go sit quietly, in a corner”. Others, who aren’t bogged down by the situation, lend all their support to their partner through it all.

Jaydene says there is nothing more inspiring than being present during and watching your child’s birth.

Most new moms think that their husbands would be disgusted to see the birth of their babies. But, to the contrary, Jaydene says that most dads who watch it are awed and dumbstruck.

Jaydene says that she would like to see more dads participate in their child’s birth. This is not to say that she doesn’t capture mothers – after she is done clicking the moment the child meets its father, she turns the camera to its mother.

Jaydene has managed to capture the first time the mother cradles the baby and the very first contact between the mother and the baby. “Watching both of them work hard to bring their little one into this world makes me immensely happy”, she says.











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