what your husband zodiac reveals about him

what your husband zodiac reveals about him

19 May 2022 | 6 min Read


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Your husband is tricky to understand and sometimes, he is a mystery altogether. Why does he say one thing instead of another? Or Why are his romantic gestures grand or far from it?These questions may keep you up at night but lucky for you, we’re here to the rescue! Here’s what your husband’s zodiac reveals about him!

1. Aries – All That He Is

I’ve got one word for you ladies – Fire. He’s befitting of the nickname ‘flame’, a storehouse of energy, he’s never idle. Jack of all sports, your children look up to him and so do you. His leadership skills are his greatest strength and he’s probably the one that calls the shots at home. He cares a ton about you and he doesn’t shy away from romance.

2. Taurus – All That He Has

He is the man’s man. He never stops until he is done, not for a second. His charms are probably what won you over, he knows you inside out. He loves the better things in life and doesn’t back away from buying you expensive jewelry or trendy clothes. He probably has lots of invaluable things around the house to brag about, but you are his most prized possession.

3. Gemini – All That He Thinks

He is the thinker, he is the talker. He is the life of the party and there’s hardly anything he can’t strike up a conversation about and hardly anyone he can’t talk to. He probably chose you for your wits rather than your appearance and you love this about him. He likes to travel and to learn and you enjoy nothing more than to listen to him speak of his adventures.

4. Cancer – All That He Feels

Probably the most sentimental of all men and the most expressive. He’s not afraid to shed a tear and be vulnerable with you. He is a romantic at heart and is the one to write love letters and lovely poems in your honor. Cooking and caring is a Cancerian’s thing and he’ll do just about anything for you. He’s loyal and creative and he is your heart and soul. You guys are the couple that everyone else envies.

5. Leo – All That He Wills

He wants to conquer the world. Enthusiasm is his middle name and he is so full of ideas. He probably won you over with creative, romantic gestures. He is fiercely loyal and protective of you. He is independent and inspiring to his best friends and children, alike. You can never get bored with a Leo mate. Him being romantic and simply gorgeous is just a bonus.

6. Virgo – All That He Analysis

The most organized of the zodiac signs, A Virgo man is a man of discipline. He is practical and grounded and doesn’t ask much of you. He is a cleanliness freak and doesn’t give you too much trouble around the house. He has an opinion on everything and believes in self-enrichment. Children fear him but you can’t help but adore him for being such a helping hand around the house.

7. Libra – All That He Balances

There isn’t anything he isn’t good at or can’t do. He is the one with the flair and his taste is impeccable. He is a sucker for music and the arts and maybe an amateur painter or writer, himself. He loves the movies and that’s where he probably took you on your first date. He avoids conflicts at all costs and if you guys have a fight, he’s probably the one to give in first. He is magic with kids and a true romantic.

8. Scorpio – All That He Desires

Passionate and Persuasive, a Scorpio man knows how to get what he wants. He is intelligent and meticulous and his aura of mystery must’ve took you over. He is determined to get what he wants and once he sets his eyes on something or even someone for that matter, he’s got to have them. He isn’t the most expressive person so you might struggle to get him to say the three words but at the end of the day, he’s worth it.

9. Sagittarius – All That He Sees

He’s the class clown, if how you get a girl is to get her to laugh, he’s the guy to get all the girls. More than anything, a Sagittarius man is your best friend. He lives for the adventure and the thrill and probably drags you along with him everywhere he goes. He needs his freedom and doesn’t appreciate it if you tie him down or restrict him. He is the free bird with a knack for making anybody smile.

10. Capricorn – All That He Uses

He is all about being resourceful and productive and you’ll notice this right off the bat. He is frugal and does the opposite of spending lavishly. If you have expensive tastes, you might get into tiffs with your hubby. He likes to save money and make plans which you’ll be thanking him for it in the future. He is good with kids and great at getting them to abide by the rules.

11. Aquarius – All That He Knows

The Know-It-All of the zodiac, the Aquarius man is bound to knock your socks off. He is smart, understanding and a gadget guru. He all about everything new and upcoming. He is always the first to buy the new phone, the new video game and even keeps up with all of the trending music. He can talk the talk and walk the walk. What’s more? He’s a humanitarian, he cares about animals and plants and global warming and whatever else it is that other people overlook. He’s the dream dad and the honest hubby.

12.Pisces – All That He Believes

Loving and compassionate, a Pisces partner is so involved in family matters you couldn’t ask for more. He is probably the one waking up to change the diapers and the one who gets the babies to sleep. He will help out in the kitchen and will get you everything you need even before you utter the word. He is patient and endearing. He the perfect guy to have by your corner when in a tight situation. 



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