When Can I Join The Gym After Giving Birth

When Can I Join The Gym After Giving Birth

18 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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You are okay to evacuate any exercise plan now!’-Your doctor has said it, and well, you ‘think’ you’re ready too. After giving birth to a baby, that obviously has taken quite an amount of energy out of your body, you cannot start exercising right away. In fact, you’re well aware that how not too long ago, you literally popped a person out of your body, or how hormonal you’re right now, dealing with breastfeeding, sleep-deprived situations and also, having a crying fellow in your arms to be taken care of. Hitting the gym requires more of a thought process than you’d think.


You can start as fast as you understand the importance of following factors:

1. Your labor experience

2. During pregnancy, your activity levels

3. Your pre-pregnancy weight

4. Any other concerning post-natal complications

Your decision of join the gym depends totally on how attentive you were when you had your baby and your labour period was. In case, you already were maintaining your body weight healthily while doing regular exercises, and your labor was smooth, then you can start some normal exercise, along with stretching after a few days of delivery. All with expert opinion and guidance. But if you did not really do any exercises before or during pregnancy, or had an assisted delivery or a caesarean, you must give your body the much-needed rest of at least six weeks before joining any gym or getting started with an exercise routine. Many women seem to face the issue of ‘urine leaking’, for which it becomes necessary for them to start with some pelvic floor exercises so that when they start exercising later, they do not leak.


If you have enough physical strength to cope up with your desire of losing weight, then you can join the gym. Although, even if you have the necessary strength and will, you cannot really forget about your baby’s constant needs of milk, diaper change and focused attention from you. If you really want to hit that treadmill soon, then you should consider making your exercising goals fairly low. As you make a comeback to the gym, start slowly and gradually increase the rate of your workouts until you reach the required/desired time. The idea of having a workout regime is meant to help you regain the strength and agility that you once had. So, forcing yourself to intense workout exercises might deteriorate your health, instead, start with the most common and effective form of postpartum exercise—walking. Use the track or a treadmill at the gym for this simple exercise. Yes, we know how badly you want to get into your old jeans and get that healthy body back, but you must not overdo yourself or push your body out of its comfort zone and physical limits. Give yourself some credit. Do not forget to follow your doctor’s advice, which will help you in doing the exercises which will only provide you with the most benefits without compromising your postpartum recovery.











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