Why Is It Normal For Babies To Lose Weight

Why Is It Normal For Babies To Lose Weight

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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Whether it is nutrition or clothing, a mother wants her baby to only get the best. Physical and behavioral changes are common in a baby, weight loss being one of them. Mothers, however, tend to panic over this. Relax! There is absolutely no need for this. Consult a physician only if there are serious health complications following the weight loss, as it can be an amalgamation of many factors (simple activities or habits) that cause this.

The feeding woes

Feeding your baby can be quite a daunting task. Seldom will you find you young ones eating their food without a fuss. From mood swings to crying, a mother braves them all to feed the baby. In such a scenario, weight loss is inevitable. The weight loss, however, is not a serious problem and does not interfere with the normal activities of your baby. Be patient as the situation is temporary.

The wonder genes

Is your baby losing weight even after a healthy, nutritious and sumptuous meal? Blame it on the genes. According to scientific evidence, the body structure or body weight is an inheritable trait, i.e., it is genetically acquired from the parents or family members. The weight loss is, thus, not an issue at all. Keeping tensions aside, enjoy your baby’s growing phase. It will not come back again.

The super active baby

Some babies are continuously on the move. You will find them all over the place. Getting tired is not in their dictionary. As a result, they tend to have a higher metabolic rate. Weight loss is not a big deal in such babies, but putting on weight is. In fact, such kids tend to enjoy life to the fullest.

Feeding the right way

It is not enough to just feed a baby healthy foods. The gap between two successive meals is equally important. As recommended by doctors, a baby should be fed small quantities of food at regular intervals (every 3-4 hours). Longer gaps between meals will do the baby no good. This results in weight loss in many babies.

Metabolism to the play

Some kids are born with a higher metabolic rate, which implies faster and better digestion and absorption of food. They can binge on any fattening foods, do minimum activities throughout the day, and yet remain slim. Mothers can practically do nothing about it. In fact, other kids grow up envying such kids.

Losing weight the watery way

The health benefits of water are known to all. It is a healthy practice if your baby drinks water. However, make sure that you do not overdo the process. Drinking water should not be at the cost of meals. Do not load your baby with so much water that they are forced to skip their meals.

Breastfed babies are often leaner than babies who feed on formula milk

The situation is normal and can be taken care of with dietary supplements.

The right balance in the diet

The choice of the diet can have an impact on the body. It is best to avoid giving a baby a fiber-rich diet. Such a diet gives the feeling of fullness. The baby will, thus, eat less quality food, resulting in weight loss. The best idea would be to serve a nutritionally balanced and tasty diet to the baby.

Minor illness (fever, cold and viral) can trigger weight loss in babies

Babies sometimes get cranky and refuse to eat. Inadequate eating results in weight loss. With time, however, the situation gets normal.

Babies are quite prone to infections

Intestinal worms tend to interfere with the proper absorption of nutrients. Thus, despite having a healthy diet, the baby loses weight. It is best to consult a pediatrician and get the infection treated.

Many babies lose weight post weaning

Supplement the baby’s diet with fruits, vegetables, milk, water, and cereals. The idea is to enrich the diet with all the essential nutrients.











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