How To Keep Your Pregnancy A Secret For The First Trimester?

How To Keep Your Pregnancy A Secret For The First Trimester?

19 May 2022 | 5 min Read

Sayani Basu

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We all know that it is difficult to contain that excitement once you know you are pregnant. After all, pregnancy is the new beginning of your life. You want to shout it from the rooftop to let the whole world know the good news.

But most expectant women like to wait until they hit the 12-week milestone. This is so because this period is normally the highest risk period for any pregnancy complications.

The only problem is, how to hide the signs of pregnancy until they are ready to spill the beans? If you too are trying to keep the news a secret for a while, here are some tips.

Try to opt for loose clothes and avoid tight-fitted clothes as these can highlight your belly. | Image Source: pexels

How To Hide The Baby Bump For The First Trimester?

We have curated a list to keep your good news a secret for a while:

  1. Wear loose clothes: Try to avoid tight-fitted clothes like body fit dresses or a T-Shirt as these can highlight your belly. Wear something loose around your stomach and style it with a tightly fitted bottom like a pair of skinny jeans and trousers.

Loose clothes create dimensions that distract people’s attention from any bumpiness underneath. 

  1. Choose dark colours: Darker colours seem to disguise the bump better than the light hues. They can distract people’s attention from the main point of focus – your baby bump!

Besides being more slimming, it also helps as it hides the shadows that the bump creates!

  1. Use a shrug over a boxy dress at the right point: You can use a shrug to tie a knot over the boxy dress in the right place. Make sure it should not be too high nor too low.

This can help balance everything out and make the tummy area look smaller by creating more volume at the top.

Being in vogue, it not only hides the bump much better than if you just wear the dress without tying the knot, but also keeps you stay high on your fashion parameters.

  1. Add a scarf: Drape a scarf strategically to hide your pregnant belly. Scarves make you look longer, leaner, and taller. There’s no need to wrap it more than once. You can leave it hanging down.

It is often shown in some of the fashion shows that black and blue scarves can visually slim the body, while a brightly printed scarf adds a pop of colour. Hence, these can help you hide your baby bump.

Carry a bag with your attire to distract people’s attention off your baby bump. | Image Source: pexels

  1. Add jewellery to compliment the look: Adding a neckpiece is an excellent way to distract attention. You can flaunt a pair of earrings like hoops, chandeliers or jhumkas as their bigger size will draw everyone’s attention from your growing belly.

You can also carry a big shoulder bag to hide your slightly visible baby bump.

  1. Use patterns to trick the eye: Solids can have people’s eyes on your growing belly. Instead try bold prints as they can distract the eye from anything you want to hide!

The bold prints will lead eyes to focus on the fine details of the pattern rather than your baby bump.

  1. Keep your hands off your tummy: Try to keep your hands off your tummy. Although it might sound strange, this is so true.

As soon as women find out that they’re expecting a little one, they don’t stop touching their stomach. It’s completely a natural instinct but be careful in public. If you want to keep your pregnancy a secret, try to keep this habit at bay.

  1. To avoid drinking detoxing is the best excuse: The detox diet is the latest trend and can be your best friend to help you keep the good news a secret.

You can cleverly use it to disguise your pregnancy for a while. To explain the drop in the number of coffee breaks and after office drinking plans, you can simply say that you are concerned about your health and want to follow the detox diet for a while.

What About Hiding The Morning Sickness?

You can rock the floor with your versatile dressing options and can successfully keep the secret. But the most challenging part is to hide morning sickness. The regular visit to the loo and nausea are enough to give a hint to those nosey colleagues.

To avoid this, you can keep sipping something soothing like peppermint tea and snack on something bland like crackers. These will help to keep you energised and will have a soothing effect on your stomach.


There’s no need to feel guilty about keeping your good news to yourself for a while. It’s human psychology and it is absolutely all right to not reveal the news till you believe you have reached a safe period. You might discover that these tricks have been used by those you know before!











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