Why Should Moms Do All The Work

Why Should Moms Do All The Work

22 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Over the last two decade, our society has progressed a lot in terms of how they view and accept working mothers. Although society has become more accepting of working moms, they are still expected to do all the work at home. It does not matter even if both the husband and wife work for the same amount of time, the mothers are still made to do all the work. Some men simply don’t understand the need to distribute the workload at home.

This is the time for women to stand up for their rights. We have to make our voices heard and get our point across loud and clear. You should talk to your husband about volunteering to do some of the chores around the house. Sit him down and explain to him how and why you feel it is unfair and unjust for you to finish all the chores by yourself. Here are some ways your husband can help you.

Cleaning Up

Dusting the tables and kitchen cabinets is something that anyone can do in their spare time and it does not require too much effort. At the very least you can ask your husband to finish off the dusting work around the entire house.

If he is up for it, you can even ask him to clean the bathroom and to do the dishes. You could choose to take turns to do these chores. If one day you are doing the dishes, he must be the one cleaning the bathrooms and vice versa.

Call to Action

Unless you specifically ask your husband to do something, he will not do it. Chances are your husband is not helping you out with the chores around the house because you never actively asked him to.

The next time you need his help with cooking, cleaning or fixing something around the house, make sure to ask him firmly to do so rather than making a suggestion. Instead of saying “The dishes need to be cleaned before I get back from the grocery store.”, you should say “You need to clean the dishes today before I get back from the grocery store.”

Encourage Him to Cook

Have you ever tried any of your husband’s dishes? Has he ever cooked anything at all? If not, make it a weekly habit for him to look up recipes and cook dinner.

This way, you can get a break and he can learn a couple of recipes. Who knows – he may even start liking cooking to the point that he wants to cook more often!

Don’t Pick Up After Him

Men have this habit of leaving things around the house and not placing them where they are supposed. They come home from work, dump the bag on the floor, kick off their shoes near the couch and recline while switching on the TV and grabbing a huge packet of potato chips. They even have the nerve to throw their socks off in a random direction while continuing to stuff their face with the chips.

If you keep picking up his bag, socks, shoes, and jackets to put them back in their place, he will take it for granted that he does not have to do so. Leave the house in the mess that it is and just ask him to look around him. He should know that he has to clean up the mess he creates. It may take a few days for him to realise this. If something is really bothering you, take all of the things he dumped and put them on his side of the bedroom. He would then have to clean it up before he hits the sack.

So there you go. These are all the possible ways you can get your husband to help you with the chores around the house. If you found this article useful, do share with all your friends and family.