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Women Share Their Hilarious Pregnancy Stories Xyz

Women Share Their Hilarious Pregnancy Stories Xyz

21 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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All of us have some really weird and funny stories related to our pregnancy, right? Ones where we feel pukish by smelling our favourite foods, ones where we get cravings for food we aren’t supposed to eat, ones where you play silly pranks at one moment and the next moment you’re sad! Well, here are a few more stories from our moms which will definitely brighten up your day and crack you up!

1. “What’s my address?!”

Shilpa, when she was 6 months pregnant, was getting some furniture delivered to the house. The delivery men were having trouble with her address, so they called her up to find out her location. Imagine her surprise when she couldn’t remember the address of her own house! She had to tell them that she’ll figure it out and call them back.

2. “Is this a dream?”

When she was pregnant, Sheena kept having recurring dreams in which she dreamed about her baby. In her dreams, Sheena dreamt that she had the baby, wrapped her baby girl in a blanket and put her in the pocket of her jeans. Then Sheena drove back home. The dream always ended with her getting home and out of the car, and then realizing that she had been sitting on her daughter the whole time! The interesting thing was, she said, “Where was my husband in each of these dreams?!”

3. “Go on, fly. I’m not delivering any time soon!”

This one time, Preeti from Delhi was pregnant with her second child. Her doctor had assured her that she wouldn’t be delivering the baby anytime soon, and that it was okay for her husband to make the 3-day trip to Mumbai. As soon as she and her toddler saw the plane take off to Mumbai, she started having her contractions! She called up her brother and went to the hospital with him. On the way, she tried to get in touch with the air plane authorities to try and contact her husband. Her husband was delivered a message by the captain himself in the air! As soon as he landed in Mumbai, he immediately got on another flight back to Delhi. In the middle of the flight back, he got another message from the captain. Only, this time, the message came with a bottle of champagne, which said “It’s a boy!”

4. “Happy… Mother’s Day?”

For her mother’s birthday, Anupama wanted to send her mother a gift via Flipkart and send a “Happy Birthday, Mom.” message along with it. But instead, when she placed the order and went to the ‘Write A Note’ page, she just couldn’t remember why she was sending a gift! She just ended up writing “Happy Mother’s day!”, and later, when she checked the date, she remembered that it was her mom’s birthday.

5. “Click my picture!”

Right after she had her baby, Jyothi was super happy and felt really light. So she let her family members take loads of pictures of her and her happy happy face. Two weeks later, when she had a look at the pictures, she was shocked! She actually looked bloated, her skin was wrinkly and she looked like she was sick!











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