Yoga For Pregnancy

Yoga For Pregnancy

30 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Yoga is perhaps the oldest discipline of fitness and also perhaps, the least evolved; Therein lies the beauty. What’s interesting is that, something conceived ages ago, in the 11th century, still holds good today. All conditions, physical or psychological, minuscule or enormous, find their antidote in yoga. One such beautiful condition happens to be pregnancy. Yoga is known to mitigate the banes of pregnancy, morning sickness, constipation, muscle cramping and labor pain. Yes, you heard right, women who engage in yoga, experience a smooth and sometimes painless delivery.

So what does yoga do? For starters, yoga bestows on you, a calm. Focusing on your breathing happens to be a scientifically proven method of calming one down and if you haven’t heard, that’s what yoga is all about, well at least, mostly. If you haven’t quite put two and two together yet, staying calm instead of going into a state of panic will do you a world of good while experiencing contractions during labor.

The postures in yoga, promote better circulation. Someone who does yoga on the regular, rarely suffers from aches and pains and it is all owed to this one fact. Stretching and bending in various ways, makes for flexibility and helps with the functioning of bodily mechanisms such as digestion or respiration. What this will do is, give you less instances of constipation and breathlessness, which will have otherwise, become a periodic thing during the final stages of your pregnancy.

Now to touch on perhaps the most compelling aspect of practicing yoga during and even well after pregnancy. During the birth of your child, there is dilation of the cervix followed by expulsion of the baby via fetal ejection reflex. In some women either one or both stages fail to present themselves leading to complications. Expecting mums who practice yoga are in ways, relieving the tension around the cervix or birthing canal and widening their pelvis which will result in an elementary, uncomplicated and painless childbirth experience.

Making yoga a way of life after pregnancy helps your uterus retain its natural state by reinstating its elasticity. Your getting back in shape is also quickened and becomes quite streamlined. The meditating and breathing exercises then, keep you from losing it when the baby does. The peacefulness and clarity, yoga grants, is just an added bonus. Start today mums, invite into your pregnancy, an ease, your life, a contentment. Say yes to yoga and watch pain and panic take the back door! Happy Pregnancy!











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