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Q: I had a c section 4 months ago . I walk for 1 hour four times a week at the moment .. . I am itching to run.. When can I start?

Sumira Bhatia

I would reckon at least wait another 2months

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4 minutes ago

Q: Hi guys... Aaj bohat bend karna padha like 20 30 times to pick up stuff m crying is it gonna harm my baby i have large fibroids bed rest bola tha doctor ne MIL ko kitni bar samjhaya

Laxmi Shankar

all will b fyn richa dont worry....dont take stress ...stress makes complications....pls understand ...

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8 minutes ago

Hi everyone
I became mother to a beautiful baby girl on 21 of June. proud to be a mother. wish me luck.

Kavita (Momtasticworld)


9 minutes ago

Q: Hello mommies!!!
Eid mubarak!!
So today morning i saw a question regarding first birthday celebration. I was thinking lets share our ideas of what we can do and what experienced mom did for their childs  1 st bday. ...see more

Neha Sharma

yes..one of the best trips.. memorable one ❤

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13 minutes ago

Aashi's little angle just came by!

Congratulate her!

Play this to your baby to energize his/her grey cells! Click ❤ if your baby moves to this!

My son is teething and giving him cold wash cloths helps a lot. we use cold teethers too. what do u do to ease teething pain?

Kavita (Momtasticworld)

Oh that bought back all the memories of my little one teething.  Out of all the teethers I bought for her she chose to chew my purse or dads car keys. I mean anything and everything she would pick up and put it in her mouth.
Then I read about and tried cold teether and it worked. So, I kept teethers in fridge for a couple of hours and gave her one by one. She would happily chew it and I kept changing it every couple of hours.

30 minutes ago

Q: Legs me bohat pain ho raha h kya karu

Navneet Chhabra

i m on bed from 8th my .its jst too boring .i go out only to met doc ...really we need god's help

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14 minutes ago

Q: hi...can electronic bottle sterilizers be used to sterlize the feeding bottles? r sterilize d bottles in manual. ?

Surbhi Nagar


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6 minutes ago

Q: #UrgenthelpMoms Hi please help....my 3 years swallowed the paint while playing with Flintobox activity kit....I was in bathroom and his Dadi was there he insisted for the box n she gave it to him to play🙁....I'm really worried what ...see more

asha chaudhry

hey sheeba - sorry just read this. how is ur childoo feeling now?

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13 minutes ago

Q: Q: hi mommies ..I'm planning to mundan and ear piercing function at thirupathi devasthanam ..how to make it??? what is the procedure to do ...if u guys done it pls share ur experience with me it ll b helpful for me....

Roopashree Siddireddy

Hai... how old is your baby? If baby is less than 1 year, special entry is there for Tirupathi. I did my baby's mundan in a saloon shop in front of our lodge and then took bath and visited temple. It's was clean and easy. Ear piercing should be done with known person with experience. If baby moves a lot... gunshot in any reputed place will be good.

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54 minutes ago