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Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches - 24 Patches

Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches - 24 Patches

BabyChakra's Mosquito Patch for Babies (24 PATCHES) with Citronella & Lemongrass Oil gives 24 Hour Protection against Disease Causing Mosquitoes

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Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches - 24 Patches

Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches - 24 Patches ₹199

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BabyChakras 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches for kids is co-created with Paediatricians. It is a powerful, up to 24-hour protection patch that is not only waterproof but also stain-free. It is made ENTIRELY of Natural Ingredients like Citronella Oil & Lemongrass Oil.

The toxin & DEET-free 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent Patch is easy to use & highly effective. Its long-lasting protection ensures your baby stays shielded for 24 hours from insects that cause Dengue, Chikungunya & Malaria. Simply stick on the patch in your babys surroundings or on their clothing & let it do its magic! The fun part of these patches is that your kids can use them as badges because of their fun and cute design!

Disclaimer: Important: All products that will be shipped will have a shelf-life of minimum 8 months to 12 months.

Key Features:

  • 24-Hour Protection
  • 100% Natural Mosquito Repellant
  • Fun packaging to keep children interested
  • Stain Free & Waterproof
  • DEET, Insecticide, Pesticide, Toxin-Free
  • Made with 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Co-Created with Mothers & Doctors
  • Dermatologically Tested, Certified Baby Safe, & AYUSH Approved

What have we put in the mix?

The goodness of Citronella & Lemongrass Oil.

Natural Citronella Oil is antifungal in nature and is a strong insect/mosquito repellent.

Natural Lemongrass Oil has antifungal as well as antibacterial properties. It also acts as a great repellant.

What have we left out?

ALL of the nasties. Yes, really! Eucalyptus can end up being an irritant and cause allergies to flare up. Did you know, DEET - a common ingredient in most mosquito/insect repellents - is an extremely toxic element. It is a form of pesticide that has been associated with long term immune & nerve system damage in children. The 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent Patch for babies has no DEET, no insecticides, no pesticides & no other harmful toxins

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RATINGS & REVIEWS (43 Reviews)

The product has 24hrs protection qualityy also it is waterproof and stainfreee which is soo good to usee!

Tanisha Jaiwal
17th Sep, 2022

This repellent work well and also looks cute to your baby they won't get annoyed by them easily

17th Sep, 2022

These patches are really helpful for my baby . It is very gentle on my baby's skin.

17th Sep, 2022

This cute patches are just superb... It is best for new born... Works great...

15th Sep, 2022

This product is very useful for kids. Just use this and forget mosquito bites. I am really very setisfy with this.

15th Sep, 2022


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