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Puree Pack

Puree Pack
Looking for different flavours of puree all together? That is why we have this Puree Pack sourced from the best brands on our Platform.

Our puree pack contains:
-Organic Apple Puree - (Pack of 2) -180g
-Banana Blueberry Puree
-Apple + Strawberry + Banana Puree

Organic Apple Puree - (Pack of 2) -180g By Happa :
Our apple puree contains no preservatives, yet can stay in your kitchen cupboard for up to 6 months without refrigeration thanks to our proprietary packaging and preparation technology. This also means that when you open the pouch, the contents are as fresh and vitamin-packed as the day it was sealed.

Banana Blueberry Puree By Happibo:
Our favorite banana combined with the well known superfood blueberry. This two ingredient puree combined the nutritional benefits of blueberry and the sweet tasting banana. A great any time snack for your little one.

Apple + Strawberry + Banana Puree By Ormeal Foods:
This product brings the best combination of Apple, Strawberry and Banana to give the little ones the mix of taste and the joy of experiencing blended products.